Green Beats

Earth Day was yesterday, but that doesn’t mean  we can’t keep rocking the planet-friendly vibe with our kids! One easy way to get tots psyched about going green is with the Earthworm Ensemble cd. This folksy country rock album’s twangy tunes will have your kids (and you too!) singing along and dancing around to the catchy beats. Don’t be surprised if you hear your small songsters belting out ditties about wriggly worms- the eco-conscious lyrics are full of stories about the earthworm’s role in the plant cycle, buying fresh corn at the farmer’s market, a planet-saving pet, and more green tales.

How did your family celebrate Earth Day this year?

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  1. by alexandra

    On April 27, 2010 at 9:32 am

    We love this cd!

    We celebrated Earth Day this year by visiting our local farm (which, we live in farm country, so it was right down the road from us!), and did some strawberry picking. Then we cleaned up our yard & did some planting… and finished up by watching the Captain Planet marathon on Boomerang!