My Kid’s New Favorite Toy

62071-Princess-Box_imagelargeI was looking forward to going out to dinner last week with my college roommate, who now lives in Italy, but I knew that my 5-year-old wasn’t going to like that fact that I was slipping out for the evening. Voila! Kelly showed up with this gift in hand, and Jane has been playing with it ever since. The Sticky Mosaics Princess kit ($17) is one of many similar easy-to-use craft kits from The Orb Factory. Kids ages 5-8 (although it’s labeled for kids 6+) will enjoy the color-by-number (well, stick-on by number) fun. I was impressed by the high quality; the designs to fill in are on hard cardboard and many of the sticky mosaics are irridescent. Great birthday gift for girls.

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  1. by Michelle Q.

    On March 11, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Agreed! They are fantastic!

    My older daughter got a couple of sets for her 7th birthday and has been quite happily busy since. Hers are a bit more challenging, but that’s been appropriate for her – the flower hand mirror with stand, and the jewelry box.

    They also make a “my first” line that has been perfect for my 3.5yo as well (since she has to try to do everything her big sissy does!). Instead of being numbered to match, they are colored shapes (blue squares go on the printed blue squares, etc). They’re also a bit bigger to head off frustration. She’s been able to do them on her own quite well. We’re planning on doing their tiara kit for her upcoming 4th birthday party (kit comes with 5 or 6 to the box, so they’ll make great activity/favors!).

    It’s wonderful to set them both up at the kitchen table and know that I have plenty of time to clean and prep dinner while they’re happily working on their projects!

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