Good Deed Monday: Red Cross, for Starters

ChileEarthquakeAdmittedly, when I heard about the earthquake in Chile, I felt the same sense of uselessness I did when Haiti was first hit.

Despite instant communication tools like Skype, Twitter and Gowalla, being so physically removed from people in need becomes glaringly clear at times like this.

But after conferring with our senior health editor, Kara, I went to one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world, the American Red Cross, for guidance.

The organization has made an initial $50,000 pledge from its International Response Fund for relief operations, and the Chilean Red Cross is already providing first aid, search and rescue, and supplies.

While they’re doing what they can, we can all donate to beef up that response fund, even more so because March is Red Cross month.

And what better time to check out classes being offered at your local chapter? Learning seemingly little things like pet first aid and ways to comfort a family after a house fire might be just the thing to do in light of these major tragedies. After all the Red Cross is, “Down the street. Across the country. Around the world.”

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