What We Have in Common With Whoopi

42188-lo-Joan_of_ArcI won’t keep you hanging: We both have incontinence on our minds these days. In our March issue, we’ve got a great article called “Stopping ‘The Drip’” which is all about the wonderful world of wetting your pants. The phenomenon is, of course, one of the many side effects of childbirth. If you’re one of the nearly 30 percent of women ages 25-44 who leak, you have to read this story. We’ve got concrete strategies to help put an end to incontinence, along with the most effective medical solutions. But if you only take one thing away from the piece, I hope it’s this: If you drip, you have to tell your doctor. The problem won’t fix itself.

As for Whoopi, she’s the spokesperson for Poise pads, which are designed to help women who leak—or “spritz,” as she calls it. She stars in a new webisode series where she channels famous women in history and recreates their lives as if they’re among those who suffer from “light bladder leakage.” They’re actually really, really funny. (Makes sense—I hear that she created them all herself.) I giggled at all eight of the roughly 1-minute-long webisodes, but one of my favorites is when she’s Joan of Arc, who can’t be burned at the stake because she keeps spritzing and putting out the fire. Even if you can’t relate to this issue, check out the video and get a laugh out of a problem that usually isn’t so funny.

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