Never Forget Another Birthday

PKI-4245SS_small_prev1I know you’re busy, and you can’t be expected to remember every Tom, Dick and Harry’s birthday, wedding anniversary or graduation. (Honestly, who can even remember where you saved all that information? Is it on your work calendar? Your iPhone? Your day planner?)
That’s why I  love, love, love (love!) the idea behind Jack Cards. They make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Create an account that stores important dates for friends and family (example: Have a hard time remembering great-great-aunt Rose’s anniversary? Not anymore!)
  2. Pick the cards that you like best from their large inventory.
  3. Jack Cards will mail the cards to you in their ready to mail form (so stamped and addressed) with just enough time so that all you have to do is input your own personal message and send it back on its merry way.

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