Doin’ the Pigeon

Bert My daughter, Madelyn, has been a fan of Sesame Street since my friend Kristen bought her an Elmo doll for her first birthday. She hadn't even seen Sesame Street at that point. But there was something about the fuzzy red creature that she was drawn to, that I would soon learn as a new mom, that every child is drawn to. There's just something intoxicating about Elmo — he's like toddler crack. But unlike other media influences in my children's lives, I've never worried about her being overexposed to Elmo or Sesame Street. Sesame Street is 40 years old this year (can you believe it?) and it was a big part of my childhood growing up in Jeffersonville, Indiana. My father used to write a monthly check out to the local PBS station. In return we used to get a deck of playing cards. (I know, weird.)

I still enjoy watching Sesame Street every morning with Madelyn and sometimes it even makes me shed a tear it's so sweet. It's just a great show. It's a shame that they've had to cut back their episodes to about a third of what they used to produce. There's just so much competition these days I guess with Dora and SpongeBob and all the others. Deep Sigh. Still, nothing makes me laugh harder than the puppet vegetables doing the Veggie Dance. Or Bert Doin' the Pigeon (OMG!). If you don't laugh out loud at that you're just not human.

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    On June 10, 2009 at 7:48 am