Group Gifting Made Easy

2332323845_7da04fefc2 As summer approaches, it’s time for Moms to start thinking about end-of-school-year gifts for the teachers, coaches, and day care providers who’ve played such pivotal roles in their kids’ lives. In this economy, the most sensible option for most families is to go in together on a group gift—but who wants to be the one stuck chasing down other Moms at the playground to get them to pay their share?

Well, thanks to a new website,, no one has to take on that thankless task. eDivvy allows an organizer to quickly set up a gift event by selecting a gift on the site (choose from thousands of great items from top retailers like Macy’s, the Apple Store, Sur La Table and more) and then inviting others to pitch in by adding in their email addresses. Invitees can then choose the amount they want to contribute, then safely and securely charge that to a credit card. (The organizer can also check in throughout the process and send gentle reminders if need be.) Once the gift total is reached, it’s sent directly to the recipient—along with a virtual gift card signed by all the contributors. Easy—and no fronting the bill required!

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