You Kid’s Favorite Stories Come to Life

Speakaboos I'll admit it, the words "John Krasinski" (the cutie actor who plays Jim in the "The Office") caught my eye in a recent press release that made its way to my inbox. When I started reading, though, I realized this product was so much more than just the celebrities who lend their voices to it. The company, Speakaboos, takes classic children's stories and brings them to animated life on your computer screen. You can chose from fables, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, folk tales and lullabies, or you can choose to create a story, play games, send e-cards or color in their play section. Coming soon you'll even be able to create and record your own stories. Watch for the new releases, too: John will be lending his voice to "Aladdin," available now, and "The Gingerbread Man," available May 11. Stories can be downloaded on the website for $0.99, and albums with multiple stories are $8.99 each. There's also a feel-good bonus: 15% of all revenue is contributed to charities that support children's health and wellness, including the National Education Association and The Creative Coalition.

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  1. by Stella

    On April 21, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    They can donate a percentage of their revenue to whomever they wish, but the NEA is a labor union, not a charity.