High-Tech Stress Relief

Okay, so telling you about a really cool gadget that you can’t afford right now is probably not the best way to get your heart rate down, but it’s really cool.  And I can’t resist a good gadget. The emWave Personal Stress Reliever is a sleek little hand held heart rhythm/ stress monitor that comes with a program to help you use it as a tool for managing said stress. It’s already in medical centers like Duke and Stanford to help patients reduce anxiety. Of course, if anxiety is really getting to you, (and who isn’t it getting to these days), see your doc before you spend $200 on something that requires the reading of directions. Also, make sure there’s not already an iPhone app out there that’s doing the same thing (I bet we only have to wait for the next generation of iPhone for it to double as a heart-rate monitor). Those apps (like this unrelated but really useful one) are seriously amazing.

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