Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brr! According to my peeps at the Weather Channel, it feels like 1° today here in New York. It's the kind of day when—upon seeing a baby all snuggled up in the requisite chin-to-toe stroller cocoon—I desperately wish it were vaguely practical to sport a big-kid version.

So here's a PSA for everyone who's freezing with me: At Old Navy, the closest thing we adults can get (the puffy long quilted coat), is on sale for just $30. If you don't have a nice warm winter coat, get thee to the store!

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  1. by Pauline

    On January 15, 2009 at 8:40 am

    I bought a coat similar to that one from Old Navy a couple of years ago, and when it rained, the coat stank! I don’t know if it is the feathers or what, but I couldn’t wear it. People would move away from me on the bus! I contacted Old Navy, and they said I could return it, but unfortunately I threw out my receipt, so I’m stuck with it. The coat is extremely warm though. LOL