Good Deed Friday: The Gift of Giving (Already!)

I refuse to let economy woes take all the joy out of shopping… I mean giving. Yes, it’s only Halloween and I’m already planning the perfect (inexpensive) holiday gifts, doing budget projections, and buying online to avoid impulse purchases. Not so festive. But then there’s free shopping software from It automatically identifies over 850 retailers that will donate a percentage of your sale to a charity of your choice.

You download the software, choose your favorite charity (over 200 are participating including the American Heart Association, Oxfam America, Dance4Life , SOS Children’s Villages, and on and on), and when you shop, a little box pops up saying the donation was made. It feels great, even better than buying designer lip gloss on a whim.

Here’s how it works: The percentage of sales that is donated is pre-established between and the retailer, and averages 7% of the sale. This makes you and your charity happy. A commission on the donation covers the operating costs for, which makes them happy. And the retailer is happy because you like them better for being so nice, and will probably shop there again.

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