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The reality is that many of us live in homes that were built and even decorated long before the Go Green bug hit town. But, that’s not to say we can’t make changes in our homes to incorporate the eco trend going forward. Maybe you’re looking for a new duvet cover for your bedroom or maybe you want to update the family room with some throws and pillows or a fresh coat of paint. No matter what in your home needs updating, there are tons of green options out there.

Alegre Ramos, owner of the hip new LA store, Green & Greener (an off-shoot of her online store, has made it her life’s work to search for new eco-friendly products. So, I asked Alegre to share her fave green home decor finds with Goody Blog. Here’s what she wanted you to know about:

Amenity Home organic bedding is made in the US with organic cotton and non-toxic inks. This bedding is as gorgeous and modern as it is sustainable.

Icestone and Bottlestone are fantastic eco options for those considering using marble or quartz for countertops, backsplashes and table tops. Made with over 75% recycled materials and costing the same or less than natural stone.

Find a great vintage chair or sofa but need to update it? Look no further than Mod Green Pod’s fantastic modern yet flirty organic print fabrics.

In2Green’s recycled cotton blankets are beautiful and have an old world feel in terms of quality and weight.

Light_2 The Knoend Lite2Go is the ultimate in smart, eco-design. This ultra-modern light fixture goes from packaging to set-up light fixture with no more waste than a small amount of paper and a piece of hemp string. Makes a stunning statement in groups. (Featured at Global Green’s Oscar party this year.)

are a plant-derived, non-allergenic alternative to down. With super fill power, it has the added benefit of being machine washable (not to mention animal friendly!).


Find all of these eco-friendly products, plus tons more, online at (some by special order).

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  1. by Roman blinds made to measure

    On April 13, 2009 at 3:32 am

    Nice article…. Interesting how the most recent versions are so much richer, colorful, and stylish, as well as warmer and homey.