Polar Enthusiast

Not that I wasn’t always smitten, but ever since polar bears were added to the “threatened species” list, I’ve been a little obsessed. They’ve become the latest wildlife celebrities for reasons good—they’re just so lovable—and not so good—they’re officially the first animals to make the list due to global warming.
As the new poster bears for climate crisis, they have inspired some supportive (not to mention cute and cuddly) stuff. One of these may even help you kick-start a wildlife conservation talk with your own cubs.


Tiny Revolutionary’s tee falls in line with the brand’s motto, “All change begins small.”


Sales of this little cub from Polar Bears International support conservation programs.


There’s never been a better time for a cool polar bear backpack from Dante Beatrix.


Organic cotton and lambswool bears from Branch have a removable insert you can warm up for extra-loveable hugs. 

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