Shades of Green

Adopting a green lifestyle seems simple in concept, but actually putting it into practice isn’t always as easy. That’s why I love Green, Greener, Greenest: A Practical Guide to Making Eco-Smart Choices a Part of Your Life by Lori Bongiorno. This book offers advice for being earth-friendly, no matter what level green you’re at. Here’s a sneak-peak.

For your kids:
Green: Choose safer plastics. Lego and Sassy don’t use PVC.
Greener: Buy locally made toys at craft fairs and farmers’ markets.
Greenest: Buy less. Find safe "toys" around the house, such as wooden spoons and pots and pans.

For your laundry:
Green: Use cold water for all rinse cycles to save energy.
Greener: Buy green laundry detergents, and spot clean items when possible rather than tossing them into the machine.
Greenest: Always line-dry clothing.

For you:
Green: Support local breweries and local wine.
Greener: Buy beer from a brewery that enforces sustainable practices, like Brooklyn Brewery.
Greenest: Brew your own organic beer. Seven Bridges Cooperative offers tips and supplies.

What stage green are you at?

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