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There’s no better place to start than with celeb mama Angelia Jolie, who looked particularly fetching last night at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in the flowing, billowy dress you see on the right. [Pic via People] GoodyGossip didn’t fail to notice that a certain somebody’s dress isn’t exactly snug. In fact, hmmm, wouldn’t you say Angie’s dress is almost as voluminous as those tent-like Cavalli creations J. Lo wore last year before she announced her pregnancy?

Brad and Angelina were particularly cozy last night during the awards ceremony (pictures here) and one wonders if all the canoodling and glowing and the beautiful-but-ballooning couture foretells anything in particular (hint, hint). A certain celeb glossy has even gone as far to allege that Angie is carrying twins. We’re not sure if we’d go that far, but we certainly smell something in the air. (Is it baby powder, perhaps? Freshly washed onesies?)

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Speaking of Jennifer Lopez and her flowing gowns, the
pregnant singer, due to give birth to twins in February, had her baby
shower last week in Manhattan. Jenniferlopezbabyshower
Of course, J. Lo being J. Lo, she wore four-inch heels to her Gramercy Park Hotel rooftop fete, hosted by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, who produced Lopez’s cinematic treasure (hehe) Maid in Manhattan. [Pic via JustJared]
The star, surrounded by a small group of friends and family, received
gifts including Hermes cashmere baby blankets and not one, but two cribs. The two cribs are significant, by the way, as Jenny From The Block
still hasn’t publicly declared that she’s expecting twins, though the
press and members of her family have spoken of two babies all along.

Meanwhile, J.Lo‘s ex, Ben Affleck, has been spotted house hunting in Bel Air with wife Jennifer Garner. Now that Jen‘s run on Broadway in Cyrano de Bergerac
has finished, it seems the couple, along with daughter, Violet, are
leaving their Central Park playdates behind and heading back to warm
winter California.

The Associated Press made a little oopsie last week when it published a photo of actress Kate Hudson and her four-year-old long-haired son, Ryder. Kate_hudson_ryder
"Actress Kate Hudson, with an unidentified girl, watches as the Golden State Warriors play the Minnesota Timberwolves," the AP caption reads. Oops! It wasn’t an unidentified girl, people, it was her son! (Maybe it’s time to do a little fact checking, AP?) [Here's the photo and caption we're talking about.] Ryder,
who turned four earlier this month and celebrated with a petting zoo
party in his backyard, has always had long hair, taking after his
rocker dad, Chris Robinson. What do you think? Time for a shorter ‘do?

Also, in StorkWatch news, Dixie Chick Martie Maguire is pregnant (it’s a girl!), and the baby is set to join Maguire’s twins (who turn four in April) sometime this summer. 90210 actress Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, are expecting their second baby in late spring or early summer, joining their son Liam as Tori and Dean prepare to start filming another season of their reality show, Inn Love.

And, lastly, Katie Holmes has had a bit of rough going lately. Her new movie, Mad Money, co-starring Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah,Katie_holmes_people which was supposed to be Katie‘s silver screen comeback, nose-dived at the box office and was labeled "a laborious, unfunny, and implausible heist film." (Oh snap!) It didn’t help matters when a fervent Scientology promotional video surfaced at the same time, starring glassy-eyed hubby Tom Cruise, setting tongues wagging (watch the bizarre video here), at the same time that Andrew Morton‘s salacious, unauthorized Cruise biography hit bookshelves nationwide. Despite everything, Katie gave a glowing, blissful interview to People,
declaring, "I love being a wife, and I love being a mother, I love my
life. I’m an adventuress, so we’ll see what happens next." Um,
adventuress, indeed. (I could go so many places with that one.) [pic
via People]

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