Good Deed Friday: A Practical Eco-Accessory

I can’t decide what’s more amazing about Zulugrass jewelry: The fact that the beautiful grass beads are strung on super-durable elastic (the same used to film the movie Spiderman) or that handcrafting these works of art has given more than 1,400 Massai women in Kenya steady work for over 5 years.

Zulugrass is the brainchild of The Leakey Collection, created by a husband and wife team in hope of giving the people in the Rift Valley a means to take care of their families when their pasture lands were devastated by drought in 2001. They harvest, dry and cut grass into tiny beads, which they then dye and string with elastic. To balance the modern, natural feel of the grass beads, they intersperse glass beads from the Czech Republic (the only material imported to create the jewelry) in the design to give each piece a soft, classic feel.39 

Each piece is designed to be worn a number of ways, which makes Zulugrass jewelry extremely versatile. I absolutely love the clasps too. They act more like a finishing touch than a single-purpose clasp! And even better is that the elastic used doesn’t lose shape if it’s stretched. So your baby can tug away on your arms and neck without you worrying about delicate chains breaking or stretching.   

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  1. by Mom Shahan

    On March 6, 2008 at 11:38 am

    This is absolutely fantastic and innovative! To create something from nothing and pass on the beauty of nature as well. Love it!
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