Friday Night Movies

RatThis Week’s DVD Goody:
Starting on February 8th, it’s the "Year of the Rat," according to the Chinese calendar. But you can get a jump on the celebration by picking up a copy of the surprisingly cute Ratatouille on DVD. A lovable rat? Who knew? Apparently, Disney and Pixar did because they’ve managed to create one of the best children’s movies of the year–and they did it using my least favorite animal on the planet (well, next to snakes).


More Kid-Friendly DVDs:

Chuck Jones Collection

Doodlebops: Happy Doodle Holidays

Dora The Explorer: Puppy Power!

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch: Hum Bug

The Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas

Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1

Sesame Street, Vol. 2: Old School (1974-1979)


Colbert_nation_2TV-on-DVD Splurges:

Full House: The Complete Series Collection

Heeere’s Johnny: The Definitive DVD Collection from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

The King of Queens: The Complete Series

Seinfeld: The Complete Series

The X-Files: The Ultimate Collection


The Put-Your-Kids-to-Bed-First Pick of the Week:

The Best Of The Colbert Report


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