What Has Your Hairbrush Done For You Lately?

Image005Love changing up your hair color, but hate how quickly it fades? Then you have to check out these Goody brushes from their Styling Therapy protect + color line. Whether you’re a brunette, blond, or red head, these brushes will help keep color locked into your locks. The secret? The bristles are infused with questamide (an ingredient that mimics ceramide, which is found naturally in hair.) When you use the brush, questamide is deposited onto hair and closes the cuticle to prevent “washout” or fading. It also smoothes hair strands to enhance shine and reflect vibrant color while hydrating and conditioning to prevent daily damage. However, we can’t guarantee that your colorist’s ego won’t be damaged when she realizes you just don’t need her as often.

Anyone have tips or tricks for getting their hair color to last longer? Spill!

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  1. by Amanda

    On October 18, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    I use the Sunsilk color conditioner (it’s super cheap, smells great, and really works!). Not the stuff that just makes color last, this actually deposits a little bit of color into your hair. (Without wrecking it.) Kinda like those gradual tanning lotions, for hair.
    anyhow, i clearly love it.

  2. by Lisa Corsi

    On October 20, 2007 at 10:33 pm

    I use the color shampoos and conditioners and love how my hair feels silky and looks thicker. (I have very fine, thin hair.) These brushes sound like a good addition.