Bowling for Toddlers

Bru60400358_2Having just joined a bowling league myself (let’s get that average up, Mr. Lafata!), I’m a little preoccupied with the game of late. I have such fun memories of the leagues I played in as a kid, partnering up with my mom on the AWESOMELY named team of The Clowns, while my brother and dad formed the dynamic duo of The Turtles. (The scary part is that 6-year-old me named my team; my dad came up with my brother’s.)

And while it’s no, say, soccer, bowling offers up a little bit of exercise, right? I mean, as long as your kids aren’t chugging down beer like me and my current teammates do, they’re bound to benefit from the physical aspect of the sport.

60400311_2So why not sign up for a league with your own little 10 pin? You can research leagues and alleys near you by visiting the AMF Bowling League site. Besides getting some exercise, it’s a great way to let the good (quality) times roll. I promise you that you’ll start racking up the memories along with your total pin count. To get the kids psyched, treat them a really fun ball, like the ones pictured here, available at (Perhaps the force might be with you, Mr. Lafata, if you got this cool Yoda ball. And then maybe you could find the pocket. Just a suggestion …)

Anyone already in a family league with their kids? Got a better team name than The Clowns? (Yeah, right. Like that’s possible.) Share it with the rest of us. Or post your high score, tell us what your least favorite split is … anything! Help me feed my bowling addiction!

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  1. by Judy

    On October 19, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Ha ha “Turtles”! Both of my guys have been doing bowling leagues for the past few years and they love it. It’s great for kids that are better at individual rather than team sports. I’ve also heard that it is one of those “fringe” sports that offers less competition for college scholarships (thinking ahead).