Gimme a “Tree!”

I spotted this clothes tree from Zac and Zoe while poking around on ThisNext and was instantly obsessed. Can we please make it in big kid size? (For this big kid?)

It’s got a super-cool, mod vibe (have you ever seen a cooler hall tree?). But it’s also a great meet-you-halfway solution for the kid who tosses her clothes all over her room. (Which may or may not still include me…)

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  1. by AJ

    On July 23, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    That’s a complete waste of money. You can make an orange tree coathanger yourself.
    Go to a nursery and buy a small tree. Better yet, dig one up from your neighbor’s yard. You must hate him if you’re going to steal the guy’s tree, so he can’t be the sort of fellow you would invite over for a BBQ and have accidentally see your indoor tree.
    Next, cut a hole in your floor and plant the tree. This is easier with a perimeter foundation. If not, visit a construction site and steal a jackhammer. I mean, borrow one temporarily.
    Simpler still, go to the dentist and steal the plastic tree from the waiting room. Paint it orange. ‘Enuff said.