Strawberry Fields Forever (or for another month or so)

StrawberryFor most of the country it’s strawberry season and picking your own is really fun (plus if you are a regular reader of Goodyblog you know it’s a perfect mashup of my current obsession with eating locally grown food). So here’s a great site to find a place to pick your own. I just want to point out that berry picking is great for really little kids ’cause unlike apple picking being close to the ground is a huge advantage! And one digression: I once went pumpkin picking with my kid. After spending hours in the field choosing our perfect pumpkins, the guy was weighing them and I suddenly realized that they hadn’t been attached to the ground. Now as a city girl, I wasn’t exactly sure how pumpkins grew, but I felt like there had to be some kind of attachment system. So, I asked the pumpkin guy (not wanting to seem really dumb in case this was some widely known fact about how pumpkins grew) and he said that actually they just took already picked pumpkins and laid them out in the field, and I was the first person to say anything about it. Hmmm. At first I was appalled and thought of contacting the local newspaper, but then I thought: well what difference does it really make, you pick something you choose something as long as you have fun doing it! Link thanks to consumerist.

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