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So someone sent me this neat tee that says "Hello My Name is Will." Perfect for my son Will, but it’s a 3- to 6-month-old tee and Will is pushing 21 months. My fun friend Kourtney tells me that when she was a baby and had outgrown her cute clothes, her mom would dress up her teddy bears. Great idea! So I put the tee on one of Will’s fave bears. Very cute!
Now I’m  thinking of dressing his entire stuffed menagerie in all the one-of-a-kind onesies and nighties he wore as a baby that I just haven’t been able to part with. Stay tuned! Most of Will’s barely-worn outfits go to Room to Grow or Goodwill, but i do have this pile of just-too-adorable-to-give-away things and I’ll surely run out of plush animals to dress up. Has anyone done anything keepsake-y with the want-to-keep clothes their baby has outgrown?


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  1. by Karen is Thrifty

    On March 6, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    I haven’t done anything with my kid’s keepsakes, but I was at someone’s house that did something neat. She took her kid’s coming home outfits and had them professionally framed in some sort of shadow box. The outfits were neatly attached inside the box and she had them hanging on her bedroom wall. They were cute. I’m sure you could do this same thing yourself if you could find the box. Michael’s probably has them.