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Img_1455_2That’s my nephew Nolan. He’s 2 1/2, is a frozen waffle fanatic, and says "Whatcha doin’ guys?" every time he enters a room. Yeah, pretty cute. Sadly he lives all the way in Portland, Oregon and his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all live in Chicago or the East Coast, so he rarely gets to see us. This bums my brother out, so last Saturday he dragged our whole family into the 21st century by showing us how to videoconference on our computers. We all have new Mac computers with built-in iSight cameras (which are so fab), but you can also buy an external iSight camera to stick on top of your Mac. (Know how to do this for a PC? I don’t—please tell us!) If you love your parents and they live far away, I am BEGGING you to get them one of these cameras and take the time to get them hooked up (we did it in 10 minutes). In one afternoon Nolan got to see his Chicago cousin’s new puppy, play a pretend game of catch with his grandfather in Connecticut, and show his NYC aunt his new green shoes.

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  1. by judy

    On February 4, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    this is so cool! i’m thinking of a virtual thanksgiving….