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Elisa Zied

I’m Elisa Zied, and like most women, I wear many hats. I have lived in New York City since 1991 and am the proud mother of two sons, 15 and 11 (and yes, my older son is taller and weighs more than me). I’ve also been married to the same man for the last 20 years. The time has flown and my husband still manages to make me laugh every day. A registered dietitian nutritionist for about 18 years, I launched Zied Health Communications, LLC, in 2010.

I am a freelance writer, author, speaker, media personality, and spokesperson and really love the work I do–and sharing it with you. To stay active and fit (and to maintain a weight loss of more than 30 pounds since my high weight in high school), I love to power walk (I have even completed two half marathons), hula hoop, tap dance, strength train, and play various sports with my family. As I like to say on Twitter and on Facebook, I love to #moveitorloseit!

In all the work I do—and in the lifestyle I live—I try my best to educate, inspire, and empower others, especially women and parents, to take charge of their health and life no matter how busy they are and despite the obstacles they face. I also try my best to model healthful habits and attitudes for my sons.

In The Scoop on Food, I cover current trends about food, nutrition, diet, health, and fitness that parents and kids alike are talking about or that I think they’d like to know about. I share my personal thoughts and also interview nutrition, health, and fitness experts for their opinions or advice about different topics. In the blog, I share a lot of science-based information—but I try to make it practical so that parents can apply it to their own lives and while raising their children. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and empower parents to create families that eat and live better and enjoy optimal physical and mental performance in all they do.

I typically post twice a week, usually in the early part of the week.

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I did a series of videos for Parents.com on pregnancy nutrition. Watch one below or see all of them here.

Weight and Pregnancy: Gain Only What You Need
Weight and Pregnancy: Gain Only What You Need
Weight and Pregnancy: Gain Only What You Need


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In addition to writing The Scoop on Food, I’m a blogger for USNews.com and Caloriecount.com. I am also the author of four books including Nutrition At Your Fingertips (which received National Health Information and Best Books USA Awards) and Feed Your Family Right! (coauthored with Ruth Winter). My latest book is Younger Next Week (Harlequin Nonfiction, January, 2014). My work has appeared in Parents, Redbook, Seventeen, Weight Watchers, and Food and Nutrition magazines. I’m also the recipient of the 2007 New York State Dietetic Association Media Excellence Award. In addition to writing, I occasionally partner with brands who share my healthy eating messages.

When I’m not working, helping with homework, shuttling my kids to activities, or cooking meals, I enjoy date nights with my husband, seeing movies or Broadway shows with my family or friends, and listening to music—especially when I power walk in sunshine or when I’m in the car. (I love Sirius Hits 1, and my favorite morning show is the Morning Mashup). I also love to curl up with a magazine or a good book, or watch TV. My favorite shows right now are The Daily Show with Jon Stuart, Homeland, New Girl, Veep, Newsroom, the Michael J. Fox show, Modern Family, and The Middle. My favorite guilty pleasures on TV are anything on E! or on Bravo.