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Favorite Baby Traits

Friday, July 8th, 2011

My mom kept the best baby book for me. All my friends who have seen it are envious. Not only did she write down every doctor appointment/milestone, but for years she also wrote in the back of it the funny things I said as a kid.

Before she passed away, she kept telling me to do the same. And to keep a daily journal. I did do a baby book and it’s pretty comprehensive so far (no banter, as Fia is still on words, not sentences), but the daily journal thing continues to fall by the wayside.

“It only takes a minute at night to write down what you did that day with her,” she’d say.

And she’s right. But I just don’t do it. I justify it partially by having this blog. It’s an online journal. Not every detail is here, as that would be boring for everyone. But there are a few things I want to remember that she does. I’m going to try and update it periodically. So read no further as this probably won’t interest you. Instead, get out your pen and pad or your keyboard and do the same. If we don’t, how will we ever remember it all? They’re only going to be babies once.

  • When she says bye-bye to someone (other than me or Phil) she waves, takes her finger to her nose, then sticks out her tongue. I think it’s a sign of affection.
  • She kicks off her left shoe constantly. I’ve checked to see if that foot is bigger or smaller. It’s not. It’s just her thing.
  • In the morning when I pull her out of her crib, she says “Elmo, Ernie, Abby” (it used to be “cat” or “Waaynee”). She gathers her little monsters in her arms and carries them out of the room with her. It’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She holds all three of them while drinking her bottle (ba-ba).
  • She loves her stroller with the tray in front. She is able to “perch” on it. She likes to wave to everyone walking by. She’s like the mayor.
  • She’s obsessed with ice. We’ll be in a coffee shop and someone will order an ice coffee. She hears the clinking of cubes and yells, “ICCEEEE!” Same thing at home whenever I open the freezer.
  • I call her “Silly Sally Fun Buns” and “Hot Dot Buns.”  She was such a little circle/”dot” in the beginning. She also has such cute butt cheeks, so we started calling her Buns. Then “Fun Buns” and “Chitty Chatty Fun Buns” and on it went. I’m sure she’ll be horrified to read this when she’s a teenager.
  • She loves taking big objects and putting them other places. For example: she drags the wagon at the playground into the toy house. The tricycle she drags up the steps and onto the jungle gym platform. Same with the toy stroller. Then she likes to send them down the slide and watch them fly. I always make sure an unsuspecting kid isn’t in the path of a runaway toy.
  • She is a very busy bun. And a busybody. She is fascinated when other babies cry. And she loves older kids–especially boys. Like ages 5 and up. When they are in a mood to entertain her, she goes wild. Laughing, snorting, shrieking, flapping, clapping.
  • When I read her the book “I Like It When” at bedtime, even in her sleepy stupor, she manages to imitate everything the book says. When I get to “I like it when we splash about” she splashes her hands on the page. On “tickle” she pretends to tickle herself.
  • She also likes to imitate her dad doing P90X. When he’s jumping up and down, she tries to do it. But her feet do more of a march in place. Or for the arm part, she throws her arms in the air as best she can.

That’s it for now at 19 months. More to come.

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