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Off To Legoland!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


I’m the kind of person who won’t think twice about booking a last minute trip to Hawaii, but will still drive the extra 2 miles to save on an ATM fee.

Today I found myself frantically looking for a Wendy’s fast food restaurant while Emmett wailed in the carseat. My friend Courtney and I decided last minute to take our tots to Legoland. Apparently Wendy’s is running a promotion that if you buy a combo meal, you get a coupon for your kid to get in free!! That’s like an $80 savings. Well worth the chicken club, fries and drink.

Courtney is a vegetarian and none of the combo’s offer anything with that option. She bought her meal and drove around looking for a homeless person to give it to.  I, on the other hand, scarfed mine down and ordered a frosty to boot. As Emmett continued to cry, now hungry as the smell of fast food filled up the car, I did the opposite of Heidi Klum and bribed him with french fries (rather than a healthy smoothie). I got silence the rest of the way home.

Fia and I head out tomorrow. Emmett is staying back with Phil. He’s too much to handle right now, while also keeping track of Fia. I turned my back for a second the other day and found this:

And this:

Plus, I think it will be fun for me and Fi to do this on our own (with her bff Teddy and mine Courtney). Not to mention I only get one kid in free with my coupon. I’d have to buy another combo meal for Emmett. I’ll save the $4.50. And the calori

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