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Emmett in Action: Do Boys Ever Slow Down?

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


I’ve put it out there that I have the most active mini toddler in the world. He has been since he came out giggling and mischievous 14 months ago. Thank god he’s also the happiest. But I am in a tough stage right now if I’m out and about with them both. Thus my no-guilt revelation this week in hiring help. Here’s a few pics of my little man on the move.

Down the slide in gymnastics:

In Griffith Park biking. We have a great contraption for the kids where they can sit in the front:

Watching the LA Marathon:

About to get scratched by Wayne Sanchez…

First horse ride in Griffith Park:

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Fia Friday: Who is Who? Guess!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

We took a picture of Fia at about 3 months laying on her then-brother, Wayne Sanchez. Now she has a real brother and the cat is just, well, a cat again. But we thought Emmett deserved a turn as well.

Can you tell who is who? Ignore the color of the clothes. Both outfits are/were Fia’s. Phil thinks our babes look identical. I don’t think so…though definitely brother-sister. And isn’t Wayne the picture of perfection as well?

Picture 1

Picture 2

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Facebook Chat: Join Me!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

In two weeks from today I will go under the knife to have a baby pulled out of me. That is, unless he comes early.

In light of this, American Baby has asked me to do a live facebook chat with their readers. It will be tomorrow, (as in Thursday) from 1:30-2:30 Eastern Time. The flood gates are open for any of you to ask questions. Whether you want to know more about my choice to stay on Antidepressants While Pregnant, or the challenges of moving to Los Angeles mid-pregnancy, to my choice to hire a nanny full time (after baby comes), to my stance on homebirth, sleep training or why I want a C-section, ask away. We can even talk about my transexual cat, Wayne Sanchez (also known as the million dollar cat (read: expensive))–found by the polluted Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

Wayne Sanchez--All Man, Even Sans Boy Parts

I can give you my advice, insights and opinions…and you can give me yours! (and insults if you choose. I’ll have my armor).

Here is the link to the page.!/americanbabymag.

Chat with you tomorrow!

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Milestone Monday: Food Dilemma: I’m Doing it All Wrong–Except I’m Not

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Author’s Note: Join me every Monday as I share Fia’s ongoing milestone (mis)adventures–from potty training to talking to everything in between.  Mayhem and mischief guaranteed on Milestone Monday!

Eating her Arm, While Distracted by Computer. Whatever Works!

I think we’ve turned a food corner. I’ve written a few posts about how frustrating it is to feed Fi.  And how I’ve just given in to Sesame Street. She watches while I shove food in her mouth. But lately–dare I say–it’s been getting better? In fact, the TV is rarely on when she eats.

Let me first back up: A few days before our move to LA in October, I took Fia to the pediatrician. I thought Wayne had accidentally scratched her eye, though nothing too severe (apparently a corneal scratch will take a 500-pound man to his knees, fyi. She was just a little whiny and occasionally would point to her eye and say “hurts”). Turns out, her eye was fine. But while I was there, the pediatrician asked about some other things, including Fia’s eating habits. I love Dr. Gold because she is a straight shooter. And her advice seems pragmatic.

I proudly told her our television was in transit and how I’ve turned to circus performing during meal times. I dance, I sing. I do anything to distract and shove food in. But I don’t turn on the television. This seemed a huge milestone to me.  She shook her head. Uh-oh, I thought.


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Top 8 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Baby #2

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Fia torturing Wayne

1. Wayne will have another baby to smother him.

2. I’ll have another baby to smother/obsess over besides Fia.

Smother Mother May 2010

3. Fia will have something besides Wayne to smother.

4. Fia won’t blame me someday for not giving her a sibling.

5. In four months I’ll appreciate sleep even more than I do now (because he’ll sleep through the night by then, right?).

6. We get more chaos in our life.  Keeps things interesting.

7. I get my vag back intact from my “condition”—and my spider veins will go away. Promise me that. (um, no picture for that one!)

8. I get to nap with a newborn. Warm and snuggly.  Nothing better. Maybe Fia will even lie down with us. Heaven.

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