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Poop and Diaper Rash Update

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

My Mini-Pharmacy of Crap

Riveting–and delicious–title, isn’t it?

I went through every recommendation you guys had for Em’s diaper rash and made a list of what I thought I could still try. Some of the stuff I’ve already done. Like if someone suggested Vaseline, I didn’t write it down, as I’m already doing Aquafor, etc.

Then @Angela Wilson said:  The problem is that there is too much moisture in the diaper area. You need to eliminate the moisture with baby powder. Baby Powder dries out the rash. Creams just add moisture to the rash making it worse for the baby and you. Doctors who are trying to sell you a product that they bought from a manufacturer is hoping the medicine works, so they make more money. That’s why you are getting different answers from different doctors. Have you ever got a refund from a doctor or pharmacy from something that didn’t work for you? Nope! Just empty pockets. You can get simple relief from Baby Powder with Aloe (that’s my favorite). It will calm your baby and your nerves. You can even use household remedies like Corn Starch. Oh and after cleaning the baby. Air drying works great too.

The pediatricians–in their infinite wisdom (not)–had said no to cornstarch. I guess the dust can get in their lungs and cause asthma?? But after reading Angela’s comment, I decided the tried and true way was worth another shot. And harkening back to the good ol’ days of “less is more” I went with my mom gut. Out came the cornstarch again.

I mean, as long as you put it in gently and don’t dump it in a heap on top of his head it should be fine.

I did this for a day and it started to look better than it has in long time.

Then, while at Whole Foods, I picked up a homeopathic tube for Diaper Rash with Calendula in it. It’s one of the first times I’ve found something fragrance free. Which could easily be a rant in itself. Why are there perfumes in all this stuff? It’s an irritant and it seems so counterintuitive.

I have been putting a small amount of the ointment on. It is looking so good I am almost giddy–except that I need to remain cautious.

But  I do believe we are making headway…more to come. And onto the poop story with Fi…

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Diaper Rash War: Miracle Paste?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

My Miracle Paste

Battle lines are drawn–with white creams. Instead of a bulletproof vest, I wear a pee-proof one. Yes, I’m in combat against Emmett’s diaper rash and I’m determined to win.  And I think I am—at least right now. But just like war, I know it can change by the minute/hour. For 3 days we’ve been holding our ground.

All your comments were super helpful. Thank you so much. Now to update  you guys.

Even though I had such angst at the last pediatrician visit, I took his advice and ordered the stomahesive powder and pure zinc oxide from the pharmacist.  I also got a tube of miconazole, which is an antifungal cream for yeast infections.  I had been using Lotrimin (athlete’s foot). The pharmacist told me to switch to the miconazole (and that may be the key to all this, not sure).

I mixed together:

1 part miconazole

4 parts pure zinc oxide

Stomahesive powder until it made a sticky paste (honestly, unless there is something special about the powder I think cornstarch would do the same).

Every diaper change I dab the area where the poop is (I don’t rub) with damp Viva paper towels. Then I put the paste on, followed by a huge dollop of Aquafor.

This is what Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles uses and they swear by it. I think I may too.

I’m using Seventh Generation Diapers so no chemicals.

We’ve been airing him out for about 40 minutes at a time, twice a day.

Here’s the other half of the equation that some of you swore by (@Amanda, @Mariane):

I have cut down quite a bit on my dairy intake. I put rice milk in my cereal and just a small amount of 2% milk in my coffee. A little cheese on my salad. That’s about it from the cow.

I don’t know what is making the difference. Maybe both the concoction and my diet??? But I am happy to report his bum looks so much better.

Consequently, our good friend who is an ER doctor (and helped counsel us on our circumcision decision) has said all along to use pure zinc oxide. People swear by Triple Paste and Desitin, but those are weaker in the zinc amount. And some of this stuff, like Desitin, has a fragrance, which the pediatrician said could make it worse.

I also don’t think Em is pooping as much—which could be attributed to my modified dairy intake. Could also be that he’s 5 weeks old today and his gut is getting more mature. As we all know, it’s such a guessing game with infants, so I’m sticking to what seems to be working.  I’ll plead with my troops to keep up the fight. We will win this war!




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