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I’ve Been Had…by a 2-year old

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Happily Eating Her Churro at the Zoo

God help me. I just wrote a post about feeling like a big crumb in letting Fia Scream It Out last night. Explained in the post that on a playdate yesterday my mom friend told me that perhaps she was waking up so often because of an ear infection. I didn’t really pay heed. Then, lo and behold, after 90 minutes of screaming last night, I went into Fia’s room and she says “Ear hurts.” I nearly toppled over.

Okay, she is just over 2 years old.

She always says various body parts are hurting, so I’ll kiss them. Ear has never come up. (Somehow, even though she gets gobs of attention, she must still be wanting more with these constant “hurts.” Maybe because new baby is coming?) I knew she must be telling the truth. And my puzzle was rapidly coming together.

For background: as this mom and I were discussing the ear thing, Fia was loudly playing with another boy, jumping up and down on his bed. She wasn’t paying attention to us or what we were talking about. Or so I thought.

Our sleep conversation used the word “ear” once…maybe twice. The whole discussion was about 3 minutes long.

When the doc came in to examine her ear this afternoon, she points to the opposite one. I instantly had this sinking feeling, like, Oh no, she can’t be making this up, right? Right?

He looks in that ear. Declares it perfect. Looks in the other one. Perfect as well. I am almost in tears. I’m so G-d D-mn tired, I can’t believe I still have no solution to her sleep issues.

But get this: I now think my little busybody overheard our conversation and somehow used it in the night. I know, that’s giving a 25-month-old a lot of brain credit. But I think it’s true. I think she is my little master manipulator. I cringe to think about her teenage years. We will definitely have to move to New Zealand and become sheepherders. That way when she sneaks out her bedroom window, she’ll only have the sheep to party with.

I tell the doc everything. Bunny clock, going in at 5, 10, 15 minute increments, letting her cry for 90 mins. And, of course I have to disclose that we bring her into bed with us when we can’t take it anymore.

He told me that the bed thing is the kiss of death. And that she might scream for 4 hours. But that if I want to have her back on her schedule, I absolutely cannot bring her into bed with us. Especially now that we know nothing is wrong with her. He said it may take 3-5 nights. I have 6 nights before my c-section. So once again, we’re starting tonight and this time refusing to give in.

I took her to the zoo after the appointment. As she chased a peacock, she turned and said to me, “Mama, ear hurts. Kiss it.” I looked at her, started laughing and said, “Fia, your ear does not hurt.” She got this mischievous grin on her face, laughed, and ran after the bird. I waddled after her. This girl is going to keep me on my toes. Always. She is trouble. Pure and simple. But I love her so. Now GO THE F-CK TO SLEEP!

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Another Possible Sleep Breakthrough

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Okay, gotta make this brief. But it’s important information for any mom who is as clueless as I am.

I was on  a playdate yesterday and was telling my friend about Fia’s sleep issues. She said she had a friend with a similar scenario and it turned out to be an ear infection. She told me to take her to the doctor.

I basically shrugged it off. I mean, I’m a week out from my C-section. I don’t have time right now to do this, nor did I think it was anything ear related. Fia is a hypochondriac. I wrote a post about how she is going to be the youngest person diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She always has me kiss her elbows, her knees, her wrists. If any other body part was hurting her, she’d be the first to tell me.

I went to bed last night, fully preparing for the SIO (Scream It Out), as I am at a loss of what else to do. Armed with ear plugs and extra pillows to put over my head, I feel asleep at 10. At 3 a.m. the screaming began. I refused to go in this time. Phil moved downstairs and slept on the couch to try and escape the noise. I sat there and watched the monitor until 4:30. At that point, I decided to just go in and tell her to please lie back down.  I was desperate. And hate to see her upset. I walk in and go to her crib. You ready for this? She says, “Mama, ear hurts. Kiss it.” I almost dropped to my knees. I grabbed her and held her. She kept pointing to her left ear. “Mama, ear hurts,” she said again. I don’t know what hurt worse: her ear or my heart.

I gave her some tylenol and put her in bed with me. She slept, I didn’t. I kept thinking about how terrible I was.

I am taking her to the doctor in 2 hours to find out for sure. But for today, I think I get the worst parent award. Or at least the most unaware. I guess ear infections can have almost no symptoms. I had no idea….

I will let you know the diagnosis shortly.

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