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Fia Friday: The Stare Down

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Is there such a thing as a "sweet" stare down?

Fia is a hugger. Even though I think that’s better than being a hitter, she can irritate other kids through her obsessive hugging. Her friend Laszlo Stein clearly had had enough of it and turned the tables on her. We parents were chatting when suddenly the air became still…and tense. Sweet little Laszlo had turned lion on us. Fia was his prey. We watched as he moved closer and closer, never breaking his intense–almost primal–stare. Fia, for the first time in her life, slowly backed away, looking smaller and smaller.

This was the beginning of what would become the longest “stare down” in toddler history.

Then Fia, sensing an opportunity for a truce, decided to touch his cheek. He didn’t bite. They were friends again. But he made it clear: You’ll hug when I say you can hug. Good job Laszlo. You are already learning the art of boundaries. You’ll need them with her–and countless other women, I’m sure!

Moments After the Stare Down



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