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Should I Watch My C-Section??

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

To Watch? Or Not?

Help. Need advice. I am tempted to watch my C-section happen. I mean, women use the big mirror to watch themselves giving birth, right? There is a part of me that wants to see how the hell they make such a tiny incision and pull a baby out.

I mean, I watch House. That’s practically like being a doctor myself, right?

My doctor said that at the hospital I’m delivering, there is a mirror on the ceiling in at least one of the rooms. I’m not going to push for that room, but if I get it, should I look?  Would that be a karmic sign that I was meant to watch?

I keep thinking I’m probably more prepared to see my own C-section than my vag pushing out a baby. That freaks me out even more (and during my labor with Fia they had to bring me the mirror so I could see what I was doing. Not pretty. And sadly, my pushing was for naught.)

He warned me it’s kind of gruesome. But as he was explaining the cutting and peeling back layers of skin, the part that got me the most was this: he says once they get to the uterus, they pull it out, and someone pushes down on your stomach to force the baby to pop out. I picture a 200-pound man with a giant elbow shoving down on my abdomen. Yes, it’s a bit of a horrifying thought.

Yet, I also wonder since I’ll be numbed and drugged if maybe I could look at this as an out of body experience…until of course my boy, my son, comes out healthy and kicking. Then I’ll be snapped back to reality–and a blessed one at that (knock on wood that everything is perfect with him).

I am going under the knife on Wednesday. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this for me? My husband is freaking out telling me not to. That’s because he’ll pass out if he sees anything and somehow he’s projecting his freakout onto me. Plus, he doesn’t watch House. So there.


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