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Fia Friday: Animal Heaven

Friday, April 27th, 2012

We have a new game. It’s called Moving the Stuffs. As in stuffed animals. We do it around 5:30 at night when I have to feed Emmett and wait for Phil to get home. It’s a great way to keep the evening chaos at bay. Fia, Em and I go to her room–and enclosed environment– and bring her basket of stuffed animals to her crib. She methodically throws them over the rail, one by one, until about 53 animals are in there. Then she goes in. After a while, she methodically throws all but the sesame characters back in. Those friends accompany her all night.

It’s fun to see her entertaining herself like this. It gives me a chance to feed Emmett and watch her play. Two of my favorite things in life, actually.

After we cleared the crib, I put her and Emmett together. They light up when they are around each other.  They are going to be the best of friends. I can just tell.

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