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My Congrats on Devious Maids

Monday, June 24th, 2013

This is a personal plug for a show that is an absolute guilty pleasure: Devious Maids. One of my closest friends, Rebecca Wisocky, has a major role and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

It premiered last night (Sunday, July 23) on Lifetime. It’s created by Marc Cherry of Desperate Housewives fame.

I met Rebecca on my husband’s student film shoot in 2003. I was producing his movie, Flightless Birds, in rural South Dakota. She was one of the main actors. The three of us just clicked. We continued to hang out in NYC, then she moved to LA and eventually we followed. It’s so fantastic to see someone who is so incredibly talented and who has worked so hard, finally get recognized on this level.

My favorite quote is from the review by Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times:

“Marisol is the central heroine, but it’s a villainess who steals the most scenes. Rebecca Wisocky, who played Bree’s mother on “Desperate Housewives,” is the imperious and manipulative Evelyn Powell, a woman who weeps when her maid is killed not because of the loss but because of the blood on her living room carpet.

Way to go my friend! And congrats to the whole cast.

Everyone–the show airs Sunday nights on Lifetime. Tune in!

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Can They Parent Without Me?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

The week before last a tragedy hit my extended family. The loss has been tremendous. But throughout the grieving process, you find moments of humor. Something my mother-in-law said to me is one of them.

We were leaving her house after Emmett’s baptism, heading to the airport. Phil was taking the kids home on his own while I went on to South Dakota. I was rushing around in a panic, telling Phil everything he had to remember to do for the kids while I was away. I was calling Cleo, explaining everything to her as well (as if she isn’t there every day already. Hello control freak!).

We got in the car and I turned to his mom and said, “Whew. This is going to be hard. I hope Cleo and Phil will be okay on their own.” To which she replied, (and yes, I’m putting this in bold), “You know what is really hard? When you come back and realize they’ve held it together just fine without you.” AAAHHHHH. Eh. She was obviously speaking from her own experience and we both burst out laughing. Thing is, she was absolutely right.

I am happy to report that I got home and my kids, my husband, my house, even my cat–were all unscathed. Thriving in fact.

It feels good to know we can laugh again, even in the worst of times.

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