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Showering With Your Kids

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Here’s a good question: when do you stop getting in the bathtub or shower with your kids? Fia will be 4 in a couple months. Em will be 2. I find it fun to jump in with them if I need a quick wash or if they’re begging me to get in. They love it when I do because then they try and torture me like they perceive I do with them, ie: pouring water on my hair that gets into my eyes. Except I don’t cry.

We play with bubbles, they pour nice warm water down my back, and then I wash their hair at an angle that causes less agony than when I do it tub side.  (Fia hates water on her face so if I can lean her up against me and tilt her head, we have less chance of getting water in her eyes than if I’m outside the tub with a cup.)

So when is the statute of limitations for this sort of thing? Granted I know some moms breastfeed their babies until they’re 6, so I’m sure the range of response to this question will be vast. For me, I’d want to err on the conservative side of this question. I wouldn’t want to traumatize my kids with the memory of, “My mom took a shower with us when we were 12.”

So generally speaking, do you stop before the age of 6? 8? Earlier? Is it different for a mom-daughter equation and a dad-boy equation than it is for mom-son and dad-daughter scenario?

Why do I feel creepy writing this? Why do I feel like I need to shower right now…by myself?  Perhaps it’s because I simply can’t imagine them growing up past this perfect and innocent stage and going through puberty. Or wanting privacy. It all seems so foreign. Right now they are my babies and none of this “age-appropriate” stuff comes into play. But it will. So I’m asking….

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