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Fia Friday: Babes In The Bayou

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Before Thanksgiving I took the kids on my own (gasp. Read about my horrendous challenging trip down there) to see my Baba Yaga (Aunt Nancy) outside New Orleans.

Emmett had never been to her place on the bayou, but Fia had. When she was 18 months I took her down there. What a difference another 18 months makes. The first time around she almost murdered Peg and Peepers, the lovebirds. This time it was far different. She took poor little crippled Peeps under her proverbial wing. Every morning all she wanted to do was hold him, lie with him, put him on her head…you know, all the normal things people do with birds.


Granted, at times she accidentally put him in a chokehold, but alas, he did survive. And not just barely…like last time. My tot is growing up and she is learning what it really means to be gentle (sorry, I’m getting mushy with her 3-year birthday on Sunday).

Oh, there were other things too…the stuff of the swamps.


And lizards…

And giraffes. Wait? Huh?

The giraffes are one of 3000 animals on 900 acres of land at the Global Wildlife Park. I would say it was amazing, but, well, we did think at one point we might not survive. Baba has a bad shoulder. Emmett is 9 months old. And in our private tour we took– which consisted of a flatbed pick-up with some benches and rails but nothing else–there were moments of sheer pandemonium…and a little fear that we might get eaten, or more realistically, bitten, by a zebra…or five. We didn’t realize that by taking the private tour, you get so up and close and personal, you may not make it out alive. At least if you’re with tiny tots.

Oh, and I should also mention who our guide was: an 18-year-old kid who clearly never had been around babies, at least not while four-wheeling. He was tossing us all over the place. We would be screaming in the back as we got pushed from side to side. I’d be holding onto Emmett for dear life, while trying to fight off buffalo mouths full of saliva on one-side and elk antlers nearly blinding us on the other. All the while he’d be up front, gassing the engine and yelling to us about the difference between a black duck and a camel. Or something to that effect. I honestly didn’t hear a word he said.

All he told us before he took off was, “Zebras bite, elk have antlers that can maim and the giraffes like to get into your space.” Then he plopped a huge bucket of corn down, gave us some cups to throw feed out, and went flying. By the end, we were covered in corn dust and spit from many species and utterly tuckered. I wish I could post the video…but technology isn’t my forte and I could barely keep my son alive, much less capture pictures to show the chaos that ensued.

That day was about the perfect example of how Baba and I roll. Just like we did on our Kilimanjaro adventure…laughed through the hazardous feat. Like I said before, no one quite “gets” us, but that’s the way we like it. I do think Fia is going to have that same kindred spirit with us. And Emmett, well he just goes with everything. BEST BABY EVER. And a reminder that there’s never a dull moment in the Bayou with Baba.

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Fia’s New Rash

Monday, November 26th, 2012

We have a new word added to our vocabulary. IMPETIGO. This is what it looks like (on chin):

Over the holidays we traveled to Idaho. With all the snow and cold, I noticed she was getting a rash around her mouth. I thought it was dry skin, at least on top, but the bottom was different. Today I took her to the doctor and we have not one, but two diagnoses. Lucky us. My girl is already an overachiever. Though in all seriousness, it is lucky because it’s nothing dire.

The top lip is “Lip Lickers Eczema.” Pretty self-explanatory. The bottom is Impetigo. Apparently the skin around the mouth gets so dry from the saliva, it can crack. Then the nose runs or she gets around other little petri dishes at preschool and bacteria seeps in and causes the Impetigo. It requires a prescription ointment. For the eczema we are doing a prescription hydrocortisone.

This is perhaps one of my most boring blogs yet (rough night of sleep last night and trying to get back into swing of things) but I do want to tell you one more thing: I think we’ll use this opportunity to cut the pacifier. It only seals in the bacteria. The doctor thought it was a good idea. Plus, on Sunday, she’ll be 3. Even though she only uses it at night, I think it’s time. We are gearing up on our strategy so I’ll write a post about that later, as I do have questions. Right now though, this is the best I can do. Happy Monday.

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