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Feeling Appreciated: Why Leaving Can Be Good

Friday, May 10th, 2013

I’ve told you guys about the Mom 2.0 Summit I went to last week. While I was off socializing, sleeping, relaxing, and meeting some amazing women, Phil was at home dealing with snot and sh-t. Both kids had colds, and while I was only 63 miles away, I of course didn’t offer to come home early. He wouldn’t have let me anyway.

However, after 3 restful nights of sleep at the lovely Ritz in Laguna Niguel, I was ready to go. Hearing Fia’s voice through her stuffy nose made my heart ache. And Emmett is finally saying “Mama” which kills me. So I drove home and got out of the car, dying to hug my kids. They bounded up to me and I embraced them tightly. Phil is there and looks like he’s been hit by a nuclear bomb. All he says is, “I could never be a stay-at-home dad.” Half an hour later he was in bed taking a 3-hour nap.

In that moment the entire conference became worth it all over again.  I felt smug, but in a loving way. I think he realized how hard it can be. Not that he doesn’t already, and he is always encouraging me to get more help if I want it. But it felt good–really good to hear him say that. Granted the kids weren’t at their best and one night he said they were up every hour. But you know what?  Sometimes it’s good to do these things for me, not just because it gives me a break, but it also gives my spouse a little dose of what I do as a mom. Everyday. And I say that as the wife of a very hands-on dad. He does more than most. We are true partners.

Anyway, he napped, I cleaned up our house. It too, looked like a train wreck. I snuggled with the kids and even pet the cat. I felt the love–of women supporting women at the conference and of course the love from my own family. Even Wayne seemed to have missed me. Sometimes it’s great to getaway. But it’s also always great to come home.

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