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Post-Maternity Shopping

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Suzy and Jill

Illustration courtesy of Suzy Ultman

My best friend from 9th grade came into town this weekend. She left last night. Whenever I have visitors, everything else, including the small routine I’ve started to establish, goes out the window. It drives me a little crazy, but on the other hand, it’s important for me to connect with my friends. Because Suzy and I are so close, she knows all this and I’m not hurting her feelings. So my blog and bills sat still. We, on the other hand, ran all over town shopping, having playdates, etc.

She’s a graphic designer/illustrator and has a good eye for a lot of things, including clothes. My sad wardrobe consists of sweat pants, old tank tops, and overly worn maternity clothes. Needless to say, I haven’t felt attractive in a long time. The thing is, I hate shopping. Despise it actually. Until I get there and start trying things on. Then, when clothes start to work, and do their magic, I get into it. Sort of.

Suzy dragged me to The Grove here in LA. I didn’t want to spend a whole day away from Emmett, but I did. He survived. As did I. My boobs on the other hand were quite difficult.

As we shopped they got bigger and bigger. So the clothes got smaller and smaller. I had a hand pump with me, but I only wanted to use it once. (More on why in this post here). I over-explained to every clerk why something was too tight. As if they care. At one store I walked out to show Suzy and the dude my jeans. She pointed out that my shirt was hiked up over my bra and my boob was inching out. Somehow things go array in my frantic and frenzied state these days.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, still not pulling my shirt down, as Suzy pointed out later. “I have a baby, so modesty has been thrown out. I don’t care what the world sees. What do you guys think of the jeans?” Luckily he had a 3-year old and understood.

Over lunch we laughed at how, despite 30 years of knowing each other, not much has changed. Except instead of using our mom’s credit cards, we now have to use our own. And instead of putting on makeup in the bathroom, I’m pumping.

At the end of the day I had a new spring/summer wardrobe, mostly things found on sale, as I think the sizes are still a bit transitional, depending on how my body bounces back. I’m sure my boobs will shrink to nearly nothing when breastfeeding is over. Sigh.

We hurried home at 4; I fed Em and fell asleep with him in my arms. Happy, and now, if not attractive, at least getting there.

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Boob Battle Wound

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

I am lucky in that pumping comes easy. With the Medela, I can get 6 ounces in about 7 minutes. The problem I’m realizing is the pump pulls on my nipple really hard. And it’s now cut into it somehow. It’s a little hard to explain, but I can’t post a picture on this. I used the word “severed” to Phil and he put his hands over his ears. I guess saying “my boob is severed” isn’t for the faint of heart.

I have been putting neosporin and the lanolin on it daily, but if I use the automatic pump, it pulls the wound open again. So I’m really trying to limit how much I pump.

I’ve been trying to find a different angle for the pump and also got a hand pump that seems a bit more gentle. But have any of you experienced this before? These wounds are nearly impossible to heal because it’s not like I can take a break from breastfeeding.

I also have to put Emmett on it in a certain way or else it feels like he’s biting down on the area. Not fun.

Anywho, any advice out there?


Picture of mom-baby via Shutterstock

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