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Fia Friday: She’s a Fish!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

Author’s Note: Join me every Friday for a dose of cuteness as I share snapshots of Fia.  Adorable photos are guaranteed on Fia Friday!

We started swim lessons. By “we” I mean I take Fia to this amazing woman, Monica, who is in the pool with her. I sit on the steps and dangle my feet in the water and relax.

We went on Wednesday and Fia loved it. While there, I saw other babies much younger swimming—as in head under the water, kicking and doing the crawl stroke. One tot was only 19-months old. With his head under the water and swimming. I was amazed.

In the bathtub, Fia kicks her legs and says, “I’m a goldfish! I’m a goldfish!” I’m hoping these lessons will help her swim like one!

With Instructor Monica

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