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Milestone Monday: Potty Training and Pooping (in the Shower)

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Author’s Note: Join me every Monday as I share Fia’s ongoing milestone (mis)adventures–from potty training to talking to everything in between.  Mayhem and mischief guaranteed on Milestone Monday!

We have progressed on potty training. Fia has moved from pooping on the floor to pooping in the shower. It happened a few days ago.

We were showering and her training potty was right outside the shower door. She lifted her left heel up, as she so daintily does when she’s about to poop, and out came the turds. On our pristine tile.

I threw the door open and grabbed the potty, pulled it in, and was able to catch a few more turds as she proudly plopped them out of her and into the toilet. Is this progress? I’m not sure. But I cheered anyway.  So did the toilet. The music went off and Fia started to wave her arms in a dance. The Happy Poop Dance.

I then screamed for Phil, who came in and cheered too, then helped me clean her and our shower up.

We move next week so this poop party will be put on hold. In the meantime, I must share my friend’s potty training trauma. She may actually need therapy to recover. Here goes:


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Milestone Monday: Potty Training and Pooping (Just Not in the Potty)

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Wonder What Elmo Thinks of This??

We haven’t started officially potty training yet. But we did buy the little toilet. Glad I made the purchase, since Fia loves to throw her little Sesame Street figures in it. When Elmo hits the bottom of the bowl, the toilet thinks she pooped. And out comes a tune. The “Pooping Elmo,” I call it. Maybe Hasbro wants to talk to me. I may be onto a great new marketing strategy.

At any rate, I figure with the L.A. move this week, potty training is the last thing we need to deal with.  Especially since last night the following, um, “event” occurred:

I sometimes take Fi’s diaper off, close to bedtime, just to let her “air out” a little bit. I call it our “Buns free, watch me pee” time. That’s because at least a few times a week, she stands next to the potty and watches her pee cascade down her leg onto the floor. Last night, she became an overachiever and took it a step further.

As I was heating up her bottle, I heard something rare in our house: silence. When your toddler stops making noise, you know something is going on.  I slowly turned around, scared to see what mischief she was up to, only to find her lifting one leg (like a dog), crapping on the floor. I shrieked. She laughed. Then, thinking this was a fun game, she began to step in it. I rushed over and grabbed her, aiming straight for the shower.  But she somehow slid her butt down on my pants. So I’m literally covered in chunks of her s—t. (Is that too graphic? Sorry, but it’s the truth of motherhood).

I’m happy to say we both survived the s—t show. And in my true clean freak self, I scrubbed the floors with rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area (and scrubbed us both down as well—with soap, not alcohol. I’m not that bad). But this doesn’t make me particularly excited about potty training.  I’m sure this is chapter one of many.

I know you all have your poop and potty-training stories. This was just my entrée into this exciting, smelly world. So let me hear them. We all need to add some humor to our Monday, right?

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Potty Training

Sunday, August 21st, 2011


Fia said her first sentence today. “I pooped!” I couldn’t be more proud. My work on this earth is done. Except that now it’s time to potty train, right?

We went to the store and picked out a cute little training toilet that makes music when you go. Of course all she wanted to do was climb on it.

I kept saying, “pee pee?” She would repeat. “Pee pee.” I’d take off her diaper, sit her on the potty, and she and I would just stare at each other. Then she’d laugh, stick her foot in the bowl part to hear the music and laugh. I’d put the diaper back on. Five minutes later she’d say “pee pee.”

“Oh, you want to pee pee in the potty?” I’d say, taking off the diaper again. Then same scenario.

After about 7 times of doing this in 30 minutes, the bowl was still dry, Wayne was bored of watching and so was I.

The potty is sitting in our living room and we’ll see what today brings. But I ask you moms: I have no clue how to go about doing this. And no, I don’t have time to read a book on it. I barely had time to read the instructions on how to make the music go (hint: put in battery). It goes back to my “If I only had 10 minutes” list.

So I’m asking for your expertise. Do I keep the potty out in the living room or am I going to have to take her back and forth to the bathroom every few minutes for the next 6 months? Because honestly if that’s the case, I’d rather stick with diapers. They don’t bother me a bit. But I also don’t want to miss the training window.

Fi, Wayne and I await your wisdom.

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