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Milestone Monday: Allergy Test Surprise

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Purple marker is next to all the allergy pricks. Note big H.

I took Fia to the allergist on Friday to get her tested. This, after her mysterious rash kept appearing and disappearing. She was a trooper. Actually, the DVD player with Elmo gets the credit.

For 8 days I kept a food log and the rash seemed to go away when I eliminated dairy. So I was pretty convinced it must be a reaction to that. Nope. I also took out nuts in the days leading up to the testing. Also negative. Cat: negative. That I really exhaled at. I didn’t want to have a Sophie’s Choice situation with Fia and Brother Wayne Sanchez (though I know who would stay). In fact, all 24 things they tested for came up negative.

Surprisingly enough, the doctor concluded that it was a virus, even though she had zero other symptoms. He also said that when hives appear like that, the contagious stage is already over.

The one place on her back that did blow up was the test for histamine (you can see the hive in the upper right hand corner next to the H). He explained that her body has a high sensitivity to histamines so hives might be the way her body fights off things. Because of that, he said to definitely give her Benadryl when they come on, because in essence, that tells the body to stop producing the histamines, and thus the hives.

So the fact I eliminated dairy and nuts and the rash went away was pure coincidence. We went and got chocolate malts to celebrate.

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Fia’s Mystery Rash

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Welts, red skin, itchy

Update: since writing this a few hours ago, I am now back from the doctor. He says it looks like a food allergy. We need to start a food log to try and track what it could be. Then, the next step is to take our list of foods and timing of the rash into an allergist and they’ll do some testing. 

Here is the original post:

Fia keeps developing this mystery rash. I’m totally worried. Benadryl makes it go away almost instantly. But then it comes back on different parts of her body. It’s been on her stomach, her neck, her back, and her legs so far.

No common thread with foods she’s eating, clothes she’s wearing, grass she touches, etc. We’ve been using the same laundry detergent for a year. It’s free of perfumes and all that jazz.

The rash is going on a week now, which is why I’m making the doctor see us (she has no fever, no other signs of illness. She does seem to itch a little bit though). It pops up first as one little welt/hive. It looks like a small mosquito bite. Then it begins to pop up on another nearby area and patches like this one above start to form. When I spoke to them over the weekend they said that kids can have viruses for weeks that appear in the form of rashes and as long as Benadryl makes them go away, just keep on dosing her with it. (Not a real satisfying answer).

I am taking her in an hour. However, does anyone out there have any advice? I find pediatricians to be vague on this stuff (ie: frustrating), but moms know what’s going on. I’d love to ask them about some specifics.

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