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Introducing My New Blog Title: Fearless Feisty Mama

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Our New Blog Picture

We have a new name! No, not of Emmett or Fia, but of my blog. While we loved Of Fi I Sing, Emmett was excluded. Plus, with two kids I am entering a new phase of my life. As my blog has evolved, we realized my outlook is more than just focusing (and obsessing) on Fia. Motherhood is so all-encompassing and takes on almost all aspects of my life. We wanted the title to reflect that more. Plus, I didn’t want my boy to need (more) major therapy later on for feeling left out.

So after some massive brainstorming sessions in which I thought my computer Thesaurus was going to fire me, we came up with this new one. Introducing:

Fearless Feisty Mama: Candid and Comical Confessions of a Slightly Obsessive Mom

I’m really excited about it. I think it conveys more of my tone and style. We decided on “Fearless” because I’m not afraid to share my story. Whether it be the death of my drug- addicted mom, my decision to stay on antidepressants when pregnant, or my ugly vag issue, I tend to speak my mind and give an open and honest opinion.

We came up with “Feisty,” not only because I love alliteration, but in many ways it is my attitude towards parenting issues. From my annoyance at my babysitters for constantly losing sh-t, to the people who pay their nannies six-figures (ridiculous!), to my adamant stance on sleep training (do it!).

With my new name, we have a new look! My friend Jilly Wendell is an amazing photographer. She was kind enough to come over to our chaos and take a zillion pictures, hoping to get one without Emmett barfing, Fia screaming and me grimacing through a forced smile–though that is probably more realistic of our current state.

I’ll post some of the others this Friday.

Also, you may notice some of the older posts have images missing. And there are a few technical difficulties we are sorting out in changing my blog title. So bear with us and keep coming back. You guys help feed my creative soul.


Blog photo courtesy of Jilly Wendell Photography

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Facebook and Twitter

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Hey everyone. We have gotten some great comments (and some not so great ones, and some downright nasty ones) on the My Sitters Are Driving Me Crazy posts. I think it’s all good though, to have this space to comment, give advice and tips to each other, or for some, to blow off steam (and maybe an anger issue or two).

When a new blog goes up, Parents often puts it on their facebook page. But I will also be posting the new links on my facebook page (click here) which you can “like.” That way you’ll know when a new one comes out (I think. I’m kinda bad on the social media front). Check back often!

You can also follow me on twitter. My handle: @jillcordes (click on to follow).

Both of these icons are on the right hand side of my blog page, if you scroll down past my bio, etc.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and comment. More to come!

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