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Welcome Jill’s New Baby Boy!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Editor’s Note: Jill Cordes gave birth to a baby boy (her second child) on Wednesday, January 25, 2011 via c-section.  While Jill rests at the hospital, please join us in welcoming her new bundle of joy! After her blogging hiatus, she will reveal the name of her new baby.  Congratulations, Jill, Phil, and Fia!!!

“All good. 8 lbs. 2 oz.” (sent by Jill at 1:43 pm EST)

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Top 8 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Baby #2

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Fia torturing Wayne

1. Wayne will have another baby to smother him.

2. I’ll have another baby to smother/obsess over besides Fia.

Smother Mother May 2010

3. Fia will have something besides Wayne to smother.

4. Fia won’t blame me someday for not giving her a sibling.

5. In four months I’ll appreciate sleep even more than I do now (because he’ll sleep through the night by then, right?).

6. We get more chaos in our life.  Keeps things interesting.

7. I get my vag back intact from my “condition”—and my spider veins will go away. Promise me that. (um, no picture for that one!)

8. I get to nap with a newborn. Warm and snuggly.  Nothing better. Maybe Fia will even lie down with us. Heaven.

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Moving Mid-Pregnancy: Freezing in LA

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Author’s Note: Join me every Tuesday or Wednesday for “Moving Mid Pregnancy,” to read about my ongoing search for a new “everything” (from nannies to mom friends to health providers) while pregnant and living in a new city.


So far here is the major difference between LA and NY: I’m FREEZING. In California. This makes no sense.

And as a person who hates the cold (and has a hormone or two raging in my pregnant body), I swear it is making me miserable.

I have bought 7 space heaters so far. S-E-V-E-N. Granted, I’m not keeping them all, as I keep experimenting with which one I think is the best. But this has practically become a full time job for my pregnant self.

Here’s what no one told me when moving here: yes, the weather is great, meaning when there is a snowstorm in NYC and 10 below, we have 60-degree weather and sunshine out here. However, in our Brooklyn apartment, we had heat. In fact, it got so hot in our place, we frequently opened the windows (I know, a complete waste of money and energy, but in our building we have no control over the thermostat).

Out in LA, most homes aren’t insulated. People learn to layer in the winter. The house we rented takes it a step further. There was never heating ducts put in the kitchen or in two of the upstairs bedrooms, which happens to be Fia’s room and the new baby’s. Luckily our landlord was gracious enough to install heat (after I called her nearly in tears) in those. There is no way I could have a newborn in a room without heat. But the kitchen is a more complicated job. Thus, my continued quest for the perfect space heater.

I think maybe the oil-filled radiators are best if I want to keep them on all the time. Our kitchen is large and has lots of windows, so I think I need two of them. I’ve bought the ceramic ones too, but they use a lot of electricity and you wouldn’t want to keep them running through the night (any experts out there care to weigh in?).

In the meantime, I went to Target yesterday and bought (fake) fur-lined slippers and a big puffy robe thing.  I am going to walk around like I’m in a blizzard out here.

Okay, there are more differences between NYC and LA than this, and I’ll write about them in future posts (like how I love the traffic out here. I’m serious). But I just had to get this off my cold chest—and belly. Thanks for listening.

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Feeling Blue

Monday, November 7th, 2011

I just started crying. It came out of nowhere. It was bound to happen. You can’t go through moving your entire family across the country while pregnant, leaving your base of mom friends and a totally different way of living without expecting some sort of emotional toll.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to move to LA. I was sick of apartment living, having no yard, strolling everywhere (as in subways, sidewalks, sometimes up to 6 miles a day). New York City is an exhausting place to raise a baby. Now I have a car, a house and a yard. But I feel devoid of my mom posse. Or any sort of routine for me and Fi.

I know it takes time. I know I’m social enough and I will connect with people. I know Fia will get her sleep back under control and we’ll get into our groove. But right now, at this moment, it just feels daunting.

I also realize that since I left home for college 20+ years ago, I’ve never lived in a house for any extended period of time. I’ve always lived in the center of a city. Even if that city was Omaha. Or Sioux Falls. I almost feel like I’m impersonating someone. Is this new lifestyle “me?” At 40+ years old, what if I don’t adjust? I know it sounds crazy, and there are much bigger problems, like world peace and the Eurozone to worry about, but it’s just how I’m feeling at the moment.

I have 3 months to get this all down before the new baby comes. That is plenty of time. And this is my first real day without the chaos of a move or company (my in-laws were here for 10 days and so I had constant daycare and people around me). So I need to go with it.

I have a playdate set up with a mom friend I knew from a few years back. She’s coming over tomorrow with her daughter who is Fia’s age. So hopefully I’ll feel a bit more grounded. But the bottom line: change is hard. But also fun. I am looking forward to feeling the fun part soon.


Photo: Woman with Crossed Arms by Picasso.

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Just me and fi

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Me and my sweet

Me and my sweet

Hubby is in LA. My sitter got a 9-5 job. In an office (not trying to stir the pot here. Notice I didn’t say she got a “real” job). And I’m thoroughly enjoying having the place to myself. No husband. No sitter. Just me and Fi. Quiet nights of sleeping baby and relaxing mama. No television on. Not thinking about what to have for dinner.

I took her to the zoo today. The one just over in Prospect Park. It’s one of those perfect weather days with no humidity. We spent the afternoon running on trails with fresh mulch and feeding cows and llamas. When I have baby #2 I think I’ll really miss our time–of just the two of us. She is my little angel–albeit a devilish one. I’m trying to relish this chapter as much as I can. I know baby #2 will enrich all our lives. But there will never again be a time of toddlerhood with just me and Fi.

Watching the baboons

Watching the baboons

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