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Tubes Tied–or Not?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Full disclosure: I’m 42.

Full Disclosure: I sneeze and get pregnant.


Full disclosure: After Little Leroy gets plucked out, I am done having babies.

Since I’m having a C-Section, I brought up tubal ligation (getting my tubes tied) to my OB/GYN. He said it takes 90 extra seconds to snip the tubes. It’s the logical time to do it. You have no hormonal side effects. And I wouldn’t’ have to worry about the pill or IUD (done both) ever again.

I filled out the paperwork and signed it, just so they have it on record. But for reasons unknown, I’m hesitant. Not sure why.

For someone who, up until 39, never wanted kids (thank god I saw the light. I seriously can’t imagine not having them now), I don’t know why I wouldn’t jump at this. Baby #2 wasn’t planned (I sneezed), and while I’m really excited for him to come and for Fia to have a sibling, there is no way I’m doing this again. Not at this age. Though even if I were 24 I think I’d stop at 2 kids.

So what’s up with my slight reluctance? Is it because it is so permanent? Or is it the small hippy part of me that thinks I’m giving up some sort of womanpower? I also think about that Jodi Piccoult book, My Sister’s Keeper, where the parents had another child so that they could use her blood to help her sister battle cancer. That’s morbid and not a reason to have another baby. Plus, we are doing the cord blood banking. Did with Fia too.

I don’t know. Anyone want to take a stab at this? Is it just an emotional decision in general? Who has done this? If Phil were getting snipped I wouldn’t think twice, by the way.

Picture of tubes via shutterstock

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Nanny Driving=Me Crazy

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

My nanny wants to drive Fia places. Playgrounds, the zoo, playspaces–in other words, do things that Fia loves. This is fantastic news, right? Except that the worry will put me in the looney bin.

In Brooklyn, driving was never an option. No one has cars, plus you walked to everything. Rain, sleet or shine. Didn’t matter. It’s one of the things that kicked my mom ass…the constant schleping.

Now we live in Los Angeles, which is the equivalent of living in the suburbs. There isn’t anything in walking distance. You drive to places.

After a frustrating search, I found this amazing nanny to watch Fia part time. She’ll be full time once the new baby comes. With no family in the area, it takes a village, even if that means hiring the village. So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ll call her M.C. She raised 5 kids on her own, she’s here legally, she’s going to speak Spanish to Fia, and all the moms who have used her said that she drove their kids everywhere. She has a perfect driving record. I have her license and am running a check myself.

But man, putting your baby in someone else’s hands to drive is a whole new thing for me. As my one friend said, “It’s like putting your most prized possession in a death trap.” I drive with Fia everyday. But only I. Or Phil. No one else has driven with her before.

I guess this is where a leap of faith comes in. Another friend of mine once said, “At some point, you have to learn to trust.” Maybe this is one of those times.

I printed out a list of activities in the area that I thought they could go to. None of them requires the interstate and it’s all within a 5 mile radius. Still, I’m torn. It’s not fair to either of them to force them to stay at the house all the time. And to shuttle them around myself seems counterproductive to having help in the first place.

Any thoughts?

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Why Don’t Babies Breathe Heavy?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Run Run Run

How is it that toddlers don’t breathe heavy? Fia is never out of breath. Do they have Olympic-like cardiovascular systems? We love hiking in Griffith Park, near our house. There are these crazy hills that her little legs can walk/run up without her body huffing and puffing. I honestly don’t understand it. Even a marathon runner would start to pant. I sound like a hippo in heat. And when we play chase, she’ll run after us but her breathing remains at the same solid level. I’m really curious: Are toddlers equipped with a different lung capacity? It just kind of defies the human body. But It’s something I notice in tot-land.

Any docs or experts out there have the answer? Just curious.

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Fia Friday: LA Girl

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Author’s Note: Join me every Friday for a dose of cuteness as I share snapshots of Fia.  Adorable photos are guaranteed on Fia Friday!

She is looking very LA…..

Potato Chips for Lunch. Nice.

But don’t worry. She still represents…..

At Heart, She's Still a Brooklyn Girl


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Moving Day Part 1

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

It's only a mere 28 foot drop...

Today all the stuff we’re taking to LA got packed up. On Monday, the rest of our stuff goes into storage in New Jersey. The guys were amazing. I would highly recommend Move East. They specialize in LA-NYC moves. The guys were courteous, didn’t shout, took excellent care of our stuff, and managed to not piss anyone off in our uptight coop building.

The most harried part of the day was trying to hoist our couch up through the opening in our loft. It’s too big to take out the downstairs door. And when we moved here 9 years ago, the guys had to hoist it down. But at least gravity was working in their favor. It’s a heavy sofa bed and I let out an audible gasp a few times when the guys were shouting and using all their muscle power to keep it from toppling down. Whew. Good drama.

Feel like I should feel more sentimental now, but I’m not. Maybe because I don’t want to over think this move or get sad. Or maybe because I’m actually really, really excited about the change. Or just really pregnant and tired. We all fly to LA next Wed, including Wayne Sanchez who will be safely tucked under my seat.

Heave Ho!


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