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Feeling Appreciated: Why Leaving Can Be Good

Friday, May 10th, 2013

I’ve told you guys about the Mom 2.0 Summit I went to last week. While I was off socializing, sleeping, relaxing, and meeting some amazing women, Phil was at home dealing with snot and sh-t. Both kids had colds, and while I was only 63 miles away, I of course didn’t offer to come home early. He wouldn’t have let me anyway.

However, after 3 restful nights of sleep at the lovely Ritz in Laguna Niguel, I was ready to go. Hearing Fia’s voice through her stuffy nose made my heart ache. And Emmett is finally saying “Mama” which kills me. So I drove home and got out of the car, dying to hug my kids. They bounded up to me and I embraced them tightly. Phil is there and looks like he’s been hit by a nuclear bomb. All he says is, “I could never be a stay-at-home dad.” Half an hour later he was in bed taking a 3-hour nap.

In that moment the entire conference became worth it all over again.  I felt smug, but in a loving way. I think he realized how hard it can be. Not that he doesn’t already, and he is always encouraging me to get more help if I want it. But it felt good–really good to hear him say that. Granted the kids weren’t at their best and one night he said they were up every hour. But you know what?  Sometimes it’s good to do these things for me, not just because it gives me a break, but it also gives my spouse a little dose of what I do as a mom. Everyday. And I say that as the wife of a very hands-on dad. He does more than most. We are true partners.

Anyway, he napped, I cleaned up our house. It too, looked like a train wreck. I snuggled with the kids and even pet the cat. I felt the love–of women supporting women at the conference and of course the love from my own family. Even Wayne seemed to have missed me. Sometimes it’s great to getaway. But it’s also always great to come home.

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Blogher 2011

Monday, August 8th, 2011

I used to get high on travel by doing things like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or driving around Iceland. How far I’ve fallen since becoming a mom. Now my biggest source of excitement (particularly when going away alone) includes black out shades, central air and a soft puffy bed. Ahhh…the joys of a comfy hotel room.

I basked in that luxury this past weekend in San Diego. I was at the big BlogHer convention where 3000 women—many of them moms–left the husbands and diapers behind to descend upon the town.

I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to go. Parents asked me if I would be their “blogger” representative, and of course I said yes. But the closer the time came, the more I got in my head. Who will I hang out with? What is my purpose in going? All strange thoughts, considering I’m one of the most social people I know. But since I’m a newbie to this blogger world I did have some insecurity (though as my husband points out, not something that is typical of my personality. He begs me to be more humble). There is also this fear that a bunch of women thrown together will equal petty behavior, cliques, jealousy, gossip, etc. Especially because if we’re all bloggers aren’t we all competitors too?

I couldn’t have been more surprised. It was just the opposite. Granted, I’m only speaking for myself and my experiences, but I found the women I met to be open, gracious, generous and excited to welcome me to their world.

I am especially grateful to my old friend Liz Gumbinner, many of you know as Mom-101. She took me under her wing, invited me to a bunch of fun dinners, and got me out dancing past 1 a.m.  (Click here to see her pictures).

Not only that, but the women kicking it up on the dance floor thought of this brilliant idea: a purse circle. By the end of the night it was a huge pile of purses all safely placed under the watchful eyes of “moms gone wild.”

The Purse Circle

The Purse Circle

At any rate, I met amazing people, got completely inspired by the women there, and stayed out WAY past my bedtime. When I did crash, I had that lovely hotel room to come back to–with blackout shades that allowed me to sleep in.  Heavenly. A far cry from my Africa adventures, but in many ways, just as rewarding.

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Nursery Contest–Part 1

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I arrived at LaGuardia at 10 a.m. I got to my gate just in time to notice the sky turning black. The board was flashing delay delay delay. I was due in a small Alabama town at 8 a.m. the next morning for a shoot with a mommy blogger, Trisha. It’s part of a contest that is going on now, where three mommy bloggers from across the country designed a nursery for their second baby. We were shooting video on each of them, then asking all of you to vote on which one we like best. I was hired to host the three videos in three very remote parts of the country. We’re not disclosing the exact towns where we shot in, but for the first one I needed to connect in Atlanta.

It’s very rare in television that it takes you longer to get to a shoot than actually shoot the piece itself. But that’s exactly what happened with all of these.

My delay at LaGuardia dragged on for 5 hours. I knew I’d miss my connection in Atlanta. But there were more connections later in the day.

We finally boarded in NY, waited an hour on the tarmac, wheeled out, only to be told a light was blinking in the cockpit. One that wasn’t supposed to. The whole plane collectively groaned.

By the time I got to Atlanta the connections had all left. I crashed at an airport hotel at midnight, up at the crack of dawn on the first flight to Alabama. In all, it took me 24 hours to get there and about 3 hours to shoot the piece. (Which by the way, never happens. But when you have a good crew and a great interviewee, miracles can happen. And I had fun to boot.)

Trisha is an energetic tiny thing—one of those adorable pregnant women—who started blogging for fun. Now it’s her career.  Her blog is She is about to have her second baby—a boy—Phoenyx. She has a beautiful 6-year-old daughter Charlotte. You can see her nursery pictures and vote here.

For the next shoot, click here.

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Nursery Contest Part 2

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Onto northern Minnesota. The closest airport is 100 miles away in Duluth. The town is on the Iron Range, so it’s a mining town. And in the midst of this small speck on the map is where we found Sarah. That is, after a flight to Minneapolis, a delay, etc etc. So about a 12-hour trip to shoot 3 hours.

Sarah is in her 20’s with her third baby on the way.  She is one of those women who were born to be a mom. Calm, kind, sweet, relaxed. Basically the opposite of me. She just seems to roll with it. I get inspiration…and a touch of envy…from people like her. Damn they’re good. Her husband is a miner.  They were high school sweethearts. She was a nurse before she got busy in mommyhood. So what does a stay at home mom do for a career way up in this northern corner of the state? She makes her living blogging. Her site is Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves.  And here is where you can vote and see her nursery overhaul.

Now for shoot number 3!

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Nursery Contest–Part 3

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

This one didn’t involve an airport. Just me driving into rural Pennsylvania, getting lost, ending up in a severe thunderstorm and stumbling into my crew at a bar. (The best place to find your coworkers, by the way!).

The next morning we met Kathleen and her family. They live in a beautiful old home in a quaint town surrounded by rolling hills…it reminds me of where I grew up in State College.

Kathleen is an artist and creates a lot of cool stuff. Her website is A lot of her nursery was inspired by her own artwork and I think she did a fabulous job. Not only that, but she now has it in full use. Baby Jude was born this July. He’s so cute and the family seems to be doing well.

I loved meeting all three of our moms. They were so gracious and patient. Having a TV crew invade your space isn’t typically that much fun. But we really did all have a good time. And I find it so cool that these moms who live away from the big cities have carved out their niche in the blogosphere.  It shows ingenuity, risk, and creativity can happen anywhere. Well, at least anywhere there’s wireless.

So don’t forget to vote. And while you’re there, check out the videos we shot. Thanks moms!

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