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How a Lollipop Saved Me From A Trip to the ER

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

The other day Fia woke up complaining of an upset stomach. She was holding her hands over her belly button and crunched up in pain. This is very unusual for her. I knew something was up. But getting a toddler to pinpoint the exact spot and exact type of pain is tough. After some troubleshooting, I went on the computer. Appendicitis came up as a possiblity. She had had diahrhea earlier in the day, but no fever.

She continued to groan and hold her stomach, so I called the nurse at our pediatrician’s office. I explained the symptoms. She got concerned too that it might be appendicitis. It was late on a Friday afternoon and instead of getting us in, she said I should probably take her to the ER.

“Really?” I said, slightly dismayed at the thought of hauling Fia and Emmett to a city emergency room. “Can I just give her some Pepto-Bismal or toddler tums if there is such a thing?

“No, definitely not,” the nurse said. “You don’t want to give her any medicine right now because it could potentially mask the problem.”

Good to know, right? Something I wouldn’t have thought of.

Then she gave me a test to run on Fia that could help rule out appendicitis. She said if I could get her to jump on two feet several times, then it probably wasn’t her appendix. If she can only hop on one foot then the jury is still out. Luckily Fia still can’t jump on just one foot, so two is all we had to work with. I hung up the phone and asked her to jump. She was laying down on the couch crying.

“No mama, I can’t. My stomach hurts.”

“What if I gave you a popsicle? Then would you?”

“NO!” she cried. The only “popsicles” she knows are the Pedialytes. I think she is starting to catch on that those aren’t real popsicles….

“Well then, I think we have to go to the doctor,” I said gently.

It was then two things happened. She farted and perked up saying, “Do I get a lollipop?” (I usually give her an organic one after a doctor visit or during a shot.)

Bingo. Light bulb. She probably had gas pains. And she loves lollipops.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “If you can hop like a bunny across the floor, I’ll give you a lollipop.”

She immediately did. I had her do it several times. I think I heard a few more farts fall out during the jumps.

“Does your tummy feel better?” I asked.

“Yes! Now can I have my lollipop?”

I called the nurse back and we both felt relieved. Judging from her demeanor it was probably gas pains. But, the nurse cautioned, it could still be a bug. So keep an eye on her.

Sure enough, 30 minutes later, the vomiting began. However, I was actually relieved because it confirmed it wasn’t appendicitis. She also threw up on the bathroom carpet–this disgusting carpet that I’ve begged Phil to pull up (we are in a rental). Luckily I finally won my case.

So we accomplished a lot this day, all without medicine or a trip to the ER.

Just a lowly lolipop and bunny hops.


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