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Car Accident–We’re Fine

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The Fragility of Life

Fia and I were in a car accident this week.  No need to gasp–we weren’t hurt. It was more of a fender bender that ruined the front of my car. And my nerves. We were pulling up to a stoplight on the way to swimming lessons. I went into the far right lane to turn on red. The car next to me suddenly decided to turn right and didn’t see me pull up. She turned into me. We were both at a near stop when it happened, so very little impact. And none to Fia, thank god, who was secure in her carseat. Still, it shook me up pretty bad.

It is one of those reminders that life can change in a millisecond. For the worse. And that when you’re driving with your babes, you have your most precious cargo with you. I’m actually grateful to my traffic school incident, as it was a good refresher course on driving.

When I’m tearing around my house like a hummingbird on steroids and about to fly out the door, Cleo (our nanny) always reminds me, “Remember, mama’s always come home.” Every time it stops me dead in my tracks and forces me to breathe.

Since the accident 3 days ago, I find that my whole body aches by the end of the day. Even down to my toes. On my insurance claim (which should be paid in full since I wasn’t at fault), I declined medical attention. I’m not going to make up a stiff neck or something when there was so little impact. However, I think the body itself tenses up so rigidly when something like that happens that it can have residual affects. Which maybe is happening now?? Add in the exhaustion of a newborn and a 2-year old, and no wonder I feel pretty horrible at the end of each day.

I have a rental car right now while mine gets fixed. I have white knuckled it everywhere I’ve driven. Because I’m paranoid.

Mamas–and their babies–always need to come home.



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