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Fia Friday: She Has a Trike!!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Phil surprised us with bikes and a trike! Fia is so excited. She loves her watermelon helmet (I know, it’s not on correctly in this picture).

He got bikes for himself and for me, and a bike seat for Fia on his. So we have all sorts of new things. The other day he took Fia on his bike and I pushed Emmett in the jogging stroller next to them. I feel like we’re getting this whole thing down as a family of four.

She loves her helmet. Even in the morning while still in her pj’s!

Emmett likes things on his head too. Namely, his first straw hat! My god, this boy is all smiles. He laughs and coos constantly now.  I’m about to wonder if he’s the baby Jesus incarnate! He is sooooo good.

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