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Guns On Playgrounds? Really???

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Yep, you read correctly. North Carolina’s House and Senate just passed a bill that would allow concealed-gun permit holders to bring weapons on hiking trails, playgrounds and other public recreation areas. Oh, and bars and restaurants too. Just in case you and your spouse want a romantic night out, wear sexy clothes, but wear them under your bulletproof vest.

Wow, drinking and driving don’t mix, but guns and playgrounds do? This whole country is becoming one big, fat contradiction.

The Republican governor is expected to sign the bill. No surprise there.

Now I get to add North Carolina to my list of states that I won’t be visiting.

Let’s see: you can get shot doing downward dog in Utah. Yes, the state allows you to bring guns anywhere. Even yoga class.  And in North Carolina, your child could be going down his favorite slide, while adults carrying guns frolic in the sandbox. Now that sounds like a helluva playdate.

What am I missing?

Do these lawmakers not understand what happened in Newtown? Do they not “get” that on average, 28 people are shot to death every day in this country? Are the Republicans and gun rights groups this brain dead? Or is the gun lobby just too powerful?

Sadly, all of the above.

According to NBC News, the provision was “opposed by police chiefs at all 17 campuses in the University of North Carolina system, who said they feared car break-ins and an increase in gun violence on campus.”

Student government associations also opposed the bill.

So the cops don’t want it. Students don’t either. But a handful of ruthless, arrogant lawmakers are deciding what’s best?

Did you know that Olivia Engel celebrated her birthday last July at a princess tea party? This year she spent it in her grave. She was one of the 22 children slain in Newtown. She would have turned 7 last week.

Thanks to the state of North Carolina, it seems lawmakers just put more children like Olivia in peril.

It’s wrong. Just plain wrong.


Playground and gun pic via Shutterstock

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