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Fia Friday: The Stare Down

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Is there such a thing as a "sweet" stare down?

Fia is a hugger. Even though I think that’s better than being a hitter, she can irritate other kids through her obsessive hugging. Her friend Laszlo Stein clearly had had enough of it and turned the tables on her. We parents were chatting when suddenly the air became still…and tense. Sweet little Laszlo had turned lion on us. Fia was his prey. We watched as he moved closer and closer, never breaking his intense–almost primal–stare. Fia, for the first time in her life, slowly backed away, looking smaller and smaller.

This was the beginning of what would become the longest “stare down” in toddler history.

Then Fia, sensing an opportunity for a truce, decided to touch his cheek. He didn’t bite. They were friends again. But he made it clear: You’ll hug when I say you can hug. Good job Laszlo. You are already learning the art of boundaries. You’ll need them with her–and countless other women, I’m sure!

Moments After the Stare Down



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Fia Friday: Photo Shoot For New Blog Title

Friday, April 13th, 2012

This was as close as we got to my “tree dangling” idea.

I mentioned in my blog post yesterday that we changed the name of my blog. Along with it, we have a new picture. After failing multiple times to get a decent picture with my small point and shoot, I asked my good friend Jilly Wendell to come over. She’s a professional photographer–and extremely talented at that.

Originally I told her I wanted to be up in a tree, dangling down, with Fia pointing up at me and Emmett looking up from his blanket.

“Um, I don’t see that working on many levels,” she said.

Oh yeah, right. First of all, it’s a tiny picture, so there is no way to get all that in one shot. Second, how the hell was I going to get two babies–one who is only 2 months old–to do that? And third: should I be “dangling” from a tree right now? Absurd idea. Scratch that.

But then, I thought about adding Wayne Sanchez (my transexual cat) into the mix. He’s a big part of our family.

She gently pointed out that:

a) We were shooting outside to make use of the natural light, (which immediately erases Wayne from the picture. He could run off and be eaten by a coyote, which would really wreck the day) and…

b) Trying to get two babies to look at the lens, and then a cat?? Probably Impossible. Especially when you’re asking for a favor.

So we bopped around the yard and got some really great shots. It was loads of fun. And simple. Which is all you can do when you’re juggling two babies and trying to pull off a decent picture. The one above and the three below are what I sent to Parents to help decide.

 This one would have required cropping Phil out.

Photos courtesy of Jilly Wendell Photography

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Fia Friday: Strange Outfits

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Okay, I know the title says Friday, but it’s actually Sunday and I’m only now finding a few moments to myself to post. I swear I don’t know how I have so little time. But it is scarce. Seems like having just one baby was a breeze. More on all that later, as I have lots to say, but, to sound like a broken record, no time.

Fia is really into picking out her clothes. This was the latest outfit as she went with her Dad to a BBQ yesterday. I have to admit Phil did have some hand in dressing her too. They are both strange. They keep life fun!

Tutu, Snack, Boots, Hat. She’s Ready to Go.

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Fia Friday: Pretty In Pink & Boy in Blue

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Our friends sent Fia this dress. Not sure if it’s a tutu or if we can use it for Easter. Maybe it’s both? (But let me note: it goes well with her pink eye that she was just diagnosed with…poor girl.)

And of course, a new picture of Baby Boy Blue.

This one is from today:

And this one from about a week ago…



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Fia Friday: Too Cool For School

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I snapped this before she went to preschool today. Hilarious.

She Rocks It...

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