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Why Can’t Kids Take Cough Medicine?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

I don’t want to wish away the time with my kids. I know it goes fast. But there is one thing I am seriously excited about when they turn 6: the ability to give them cough medicine.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like to medicate if I don’t have to. Or, if alternative therapies worked, I’d be all game. But at times, there is absolutely nothing that helps Fia’s chronic cough. Last week her cough turned into walking pneumonia. I’m convinced it’s because of her coughing that hard for that long, night after night, not sleeping, that wears the whole body down. So what is worse? Giving them a small dose of cough medicine or letting it turn into this? Now she’s been on hard-core antibiotics for five days. Yes, the cough is gone, but did it have to get that far in the first place?

I get the body is supposed to learn to fight on its own and during the day it can. But at night when a kid is puking because he or she is coughing so hard? It’s just wrong. I mean, we’ve managed to build the Hadron Collider, figuring out the physics of the universe and yet I can’t give my kid relief in the night?

I got so fed up with her cough last week. This, after she was gurgling in her throat from all the mucus. I did the nebulizer twice, both inhalers, and had the humidifier turned up so high the moisture made it feel like the Amazon Jungle.  Emmett then started to cough so hard he started throwing up. So while Phil slept with her propped up on pillows, I slept holding Emmett upright in the rocking chair.

The next night, as it all started again, I gave Fia Benadryl. She slept like a baby. Em and I had to just plow through because being under 2, I get that he’s too little to do much.

But generally speaking, it’s so f–king frustrating I want to scream.

Months back when her cough was bad, the Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet was an absolute miracle. I still use it on both kids, but the results aren’t as impressive.

Fia has asthma fits that become exacerbated when she gets a cold. I’ve been to a pulmonologist and the pediatrician countless times. Everyone just kind of shrugs, since there is nothing they can do.

So why can’t we give our kids cough medicine? Because in 2007 the FDA looked at the limited studies and said that the amount required to help a cough is too strong to give kids under 6, Many of the pharmaceutical companies voluntarily recalled it for infants (which, frankly, is impressive for an industry that is all about money). The kids cough medicine you see on the shelves today won’t give any dosing for kids under 5 or 6. Now part of this decision is due in part to people not following directions properly and overdosing kids to a fatal level.

The thing is, it is hard to distinguish between all the medicines. I have to read the dosing sheet from my pediatrician’s office at least 3 times to make sure I’m doing it right. There is a huge, potentially life-threatening issue if you don’t distinguish between a regular formula of Motrin or acetaminophen and the concentrated drops.  This American Life had a heart-wrenching report on babies dying from mistakes in acetaminophen dosing.

Back when they took the medicine from the shelves, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association said the products were being pulled “out of an abundance of caution.”

It went on to say that…potential misuse of the medications, not product safety, is driving the voluntary withdrawal.

I asked my pediatrician about it and she said that all cough medicine has really been proven to do in young children is put them to sleep. Ack. Argh. That’s all I’m asking for: something where she can sleep and not be exhausted night after night from coughing. But she said if there is a cough that needs to work itself out and you are basically drugged asleep, it can be incredibly dangerous. So I’m not faulting all this, I’m just saying that for all of you who had kids before the rules changed, count yourselves lucky that you missed sleepless nights of aggravating coughs.

I’ve tried the homeopathic remedies and the humidifier. If’ it’s a minor cold they might work. But a major cough? She’s screwed.

So unless I decide to “go rogue” and just do it myself (which plenty of my friends have done, as did parents whose kids were born before 2007) I just have to wait 2 1/2 more years. Maybe on her 6th birthday I’ll do a goodbye cough-themed party.

Is anyone else frustrated about this? Or does anyone have any suggestions?


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Health Alert: Hepatitis A from Frozen Berries

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

It figures the one time I decide to tag along with a friend to Costco I end up buying tainted berries. I swear whenever I try and save money, it bites me in the ass. Though this would be hard to avoid. Plenty of grocery chains besides the Costco giant have been hit with recalls. It’s really hard to know where your food comes from. That pisses me off.

This morning I was on the phone with my pediatrician breathing a big sigh of relief that my kids are vaccinated against Hepatitis A. This after googling all the symptoms late into the night and having a near heart attack that my kids (or Phil and I) contracted it. I think Phil and I were vaccinated before going to Africa in 2007, though I’m not sure. My pediatrician recommended if we’re not to do so. I will.

Here’s the skinny: Townsend Farms out of Oregon imported pomegranate seeds from Turkey that are believed to be contaminated with the virus. So far, 49 people have been affected in 7 states, including California. Sure glad I bought organic berries from a quasi-local Oregon farm. I mean seriously. The food chain here in this country is so f-cked. In looking at their label, in small print, they say “Product of USA Chile Argentina & Turkey.” We have a pomegranate tree in our back yard. Why did they have to go to Turkey? Oh right, because it’s probably cheaper. Uh-huh.

On their label they describe themselves as, “A six-generation family owned operation.” In the second paragraph they state: “…We also work with berry farmers around the world that have the same values as we do about food safety…”

Wonder what they are thinking about that today. I’m not trying to pick on them. They have enough to deal with, as lawsuits are already being filed. For all I know, they may be super nice people who are just trying to run a business and make a buck. The overall problem is with our lack of oversight and regulation.

I think the only way to avoid this problem is to grow your own food and raise your own animals. I actually have been obsessing about having chickens. Maybe now I will. Martha Stewart apparently has beautiful chickens. Though I think some may have been genetically tweaked, or “developed” as they say.

Maybe now is also the time for me to start buying beef from my rancher relatives in South Dakota. I know them and trust them and if it comes directly from them, chances are it’s not tainted. It’s also a good reason to go with the CSA’s—Community Supported Agriculture. Basically they’re local farmer cooperatives that bring you baskets of fresh vegetables and fruits every week that they have grown. Personally. Not imported from Turkey.

Seems the chances are higher of someone not washing their hands if it’s from 18 states or an entire continent away. You certainly have less control when you don’t know who you are buying from and how that company is packaging them. Like Townsend Farms in Oregon.

On that note, my orange tree is blooming. I’m off to pick some. I know exactly where they came from. And that’s a relief.


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Townsend Farms of Fairview, Ore., said it was recalling its Organic Antioxidant Blend, a mix that includes pomegranate seeds imported from Turkey, which the company said might be the source of the virus that has affected 49 people in seven states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

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